Monday, March 6, 2023

Adepticon is Nigh!

Greetings all! So Adepticon is a little over 2 weeks away.  We have 12 participants in the Schaumburg Prime Offensive in its inagural year at Adepticon.  There are 4 more spots open if anyone wants to register at the convention itself.  It is going to be a fun event.  At present we are preparing the objects involved with the contracts.  I, personally, am preparing for the trip.  I have also put in events for Halo Fleet Battles and Halo Ground command.  These events also have open spots still.  The old Spartan Games Halo games are still alive and strong.  Coday Nance and Doug Ummel are keeping the faith.  I am also proud to announce we have some swag coming directly from Studio 343 for the Halo events.

I just wanted to check in and give a little update.  I am really looking forward to adepticon and I plan on playing lots of pick up games for Infinity, Horus Heresy, Team Yankee and Godtear.  With the exception of INfinity I have yet to get games in for any of these games.  I have a back log and of course my game group has had game A.D.D. for a while now.  It will be nice to hang out in an atmosphere that fosters pure gaming.  I always feel invigorated during and after Adepticon. I am pretty excited. I have 8 days of work between me and adepticon.  I am getting things set for the A Billion Suns tournament.  I have a bunch of 3D printing to do.

Well thats all for now.  See You at Adepticon!

Iron Within, Iron Without!

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