Saturday, April 3, 2021

Dystopian Wars 3.0 Unboxing

Greetings all! SeerK here once again.  Today we are going to be talking about the new edition of Dystopian Wars. I recently picked up the 2 player starter set called the Hunt For Prometheus.  This box contains 2 fleets.  A Commonwealth fleet and an Enlightened fleet.  For the old school Dystopian Wars players this would be a Russian and Covenant of Antartica fleets. As some of you may know I am a Prussian Player, or as they are now known, the Imperium.  I do like the Enlightened though. that was my second fleet when I was first into Dystopian wars 2.0.  This will be an unboxing post, which I generally do not do, but I am still reading the rules and have yet to get a game in to comment on the rules.  From what I have read so far, the rules seem pretty solid and are more streamlined than the 2.0 rules.  Lets dive into the box and see whats what.

When I picked the box up from our FLGS in Lansing, Evolution Games, I noticed it was pretty heavy. This is always a good sign in my mind. Once I got it home and opened up I was greeted with a multitude of Sprues and gaming aides.  There are 2 decent sized fleets in the box. Warcradle is also releasing fleet boxes to bolster the fleets you get in the box. These boxes give you more cruisers and small ships. I digress though.  The starter box contains everything you will need to play the game.  We have a sprue of templates, which includes the area effect templete, turning template and measring template. The rulebook is a full rulebook.  It has the complete rules as well as a ton of background information about the factions. This I feel was important as there was some modification to the background of Dystopian Wars and having a complete reference gets you deep into the setting.  Some faction names have been changed slightly and things seem to have been aligned with Wild West Exodus.  This makes sense.  Warcradle obviously wants to have their games align in some way.  I don't view this as a bad thing as it expands the amount of factions that are available in the future for both games.  

For the Enlightend you get
1x Decartes Control ship
1x Hypatia Generator Ship
3x Copernicus Heavy Cruisers
9x Merian Drone Frigates

For the Commonwealth you get
1x Borodino Battleship
5x Kutsov Cruisers 
10x Rurik Frigates

You also get a bunch of action dice and critical dice as well as 2 Victory and Valour card decks. The ships are all plastic with the exception of the Battleship sized vessels.  The Battleships are all resin.  They are of good quality and have a bunch of detail.  The box does not come with assembly instructions which is one of my only complaints.  The instructions are available online, but it would have been nice to have printed instructions in the box so you could tear right into the models. Not a big deal.  
The Campaign guide that comes with the box is a nice set of missions that follow a pretty nice narrative.  It is a series of missions intended to get you familiar with the rules and explore the units contained in the box.  The missions are pretty basic, but they get the job done in terms of teaching you the game.  There are 4 missions.  All in all pretty solid.  A narative collection of missions is always a good thing especially when they step up the rules used.  It is a definate aide for new players.

As I mentioned above the battleship sized vessels in the box are resin models.  The rest of them are plastics, which is a new thing for Dystopian Wars.  Being a Firestorm Armada fan I see this as a preview of what is to come. The models are multi part, not a solid plastic.  Assembly is required, but it is not to daunting.  The online assembly guide is very helpful.  The real advantage to the plastics and the fact the turrents on the resin modles are plastic gives you the ability to customize the models.  That is, its easy to magnitize the turrets.  Several sizes of magnets will work with the larger models.

There are a large collection of tokens as well as card terrain for your games. The terrain is basic, but it gets you started.  The terrain rules are pretty well done and they give a lot of depth to the game.  At least it looks that way.  As I said I need to get some games in.  This means convincing some of the local group to learn the rules as well. All in all the starter box is nice.  It was worth the $115 investment.  Obviously the price may vary a bit depending on where you buy your box. I always advocate buying from your local game store rather than online, even if it takes a bit longer to get the product.  Our local game stores are the Backbone of the community.  For our gaming products and for space to play said games and build a community. A game is nothing without a community.

Well thats all for now.  I am not a fan of unboxing stuff, so I hope this little entry was helpful. I will be talking more about Dystopian Wars as I get in games and as we talk about it on Exploding Dice Radio.  I am looking forward to diving into this game, especially when I pick up my Prussians.  

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