Sunday, July 15, 2012

Changing Gears: Relearning Armies In 6th Ed

So I have gotten into the double digits for games of 6th edition now.  Most of which have been with the Eldar and the Dark Eldar.  My win loss record is not a pretty one.  Fumbling through all the changes has been challenging, but with each game things get smoother.

I think the big hurdle is really relearning how your army work in the new edition.  I have been rereading my codexes, which really is a good idea anyway, as I read through the rulebook.  Knowing your own army is important as is how it functions with the rule changes.  Reading the FAQ for your codex is also important as this gives you some updates and changes to how things work.  In some cases stuff is added that was not there before and other stuff is removed altogether.

My latest game was with the Dark Kin against the forces of the Tau Empire.  Now the Tau have been in a funk and although a decent army, in my opinion, they have been suffering from old codex syndrome.  This latest game was the first time I have played against the Tau in a while.  The changes to how things work, especially shooting, wound allocation and cover, have been very kind to the Greater Good.

6th edition is shaping up to be a shooting game.  This is a big swing as close combat was a major decider in past editions.  Imperial Guard and Tau armies fell apart when dedicated close combat troops reached the lines and started their bloody work.  I knew I was not going to be able to out range the Tau, so in a classic move I rushed my units forward to bring the fight to the Tau and slaughter them in close combat.

This proved to be a big mistake.  The 15 inch rapid fire range was very deadly and with the fire warriors behind an Aegis Defense Line, with a quad gun, my Voidraven bomber and Reaver bikes were quickly dealt with after I misjudged the range.  The Broadside units made quick work of my Raiders which left my warrior squads in the open and subject to punishing volleys of Pulse Rifle fire.

Even when the remains of my forces reached the lines A series of failed charges meant another round of shooting.  I was tabled in turn Tau.  My previous battles versus the Tau never went this way.  I am really at a loss.  I am really taking a hard look at my armies and how I have to change my tactics.

I did learn one thing with the Craftworlders this past week as well.  The new psychic powers are a trap.  Giving up your regular powers for stuff from the new disciplines ensures you don't have access to Fortune.  The equivalent power in the Divination discipline only affects the caster and not his unit.  So if you choose to exchange powers do so with extreme discretion.

Well I am going to throw some thoughts and opinions out this week about allies and Fortifications.  After playing a few games with both involved I have some ideas for the Eldar and Dark Eldar.

Until Next time...............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm hoping to get in a game or two this week. I haven't popped my 6th ed cherry yet.

    The Psychic Power trap is something I immediately picked up on myself. The powers sound really awesome, but it's nowhere near as reliable as having Fortune and Doom. Maybe running two Seers to take advantage of both sets of powers will become more commonplace, but it will be awfully pricey.

  2. Something to keep in mind about fortifications:
    THey get deployed before any other terrain. Why the book, recommends a narrative terrain deployment, between 2 competative players wanting to win, I don't see that happening. So, the random terrain means you are going to have a D3 pieces of terrain in the 1/6th of the board that fortification is in, and all the sectors around it. I saw a guard player set up in a corner with an Aegis defense line yesterday with 4 tanks and his command squad all hiding behind it.. They obviously did not then do terrain as there was atleast a 12" zone around it, 24"+ in some directions with no terrain.. This is great for the guard player, but a huge mistake by his opponent. Had they done terrain per the book, his opponent would have had the ability to place some very large LOS blocking terrain 3" from that line, shutting down all of his shooting and nullifying anything he put behind that line..
    I played a game against Tau last night with my Sisters of Battle. We used the terrain rules as written and I made damn sure that I had plenty of terrain that bennefited the sisters short range abilities, a picture of the board can be seen here:
    We had to quit after 3 turns due to the store hours on Sundays, but after getting decimated by Tau on Friday on a board with huge firing lanes that I just waved my hand at and said "Yeah, that's fine" on the terrain, this time I was able to neutralize his broadsides on turn 2, and had only lost Celestine (who would likely have come back) and her 5 seraphim escort on the top of 3..

    I think 6th has really helped all the old codecies become playable again, and while it has changed the game from being purely assault oriented, I think that is a good thing. It's modern/future warfare after all.. Bringing a knife to a gun fight should be a last resort.

  3. The new powers are cool but only on a secondary farseer. Tau have definitely been helped by this edition. Eldar are perfect allies for them and the focus on shooting is clearly something they do well. Unfortunately I don't think the same can be said for the eldar, but they are getting a new codex soonish, I hope.

  4. My last game was 2000 points with 3 HQ being Eldrad (4 divination powers), Farseer (with Doom and Fortune) and a Wraithseer.
    All three did marvels to my Wraithguard unit of 10 (with Enhance Warlock). A unit with 4++ saves, re-rolls to saves and Feel No Pain (4+) was very, very hard to kill.

  5. I disagree about the powers @ least in regards to Telepathy. A lot of powers in this tree are AT LEAST as useful/effective as Fortune/Doom. I was teamed with a SM Biker Players vs IG + Sisters and a Tau army with Eldrad/Wraith Guard allies. Eldrad took all 4 powers from thsi tree, and Invisibility, Puppet master and other pwoers was amazing.

  6. See thats a lot of stuff packed into one unit though Sersis. teh rest of the army doesnt really gain from the presence of a 2 Farseers. The one uber unit is very hardy, but the rest of the army suffers, at least in my opinion.

    Yancy you make an excellent point about terrain placement. If done as per the book you can really screw up the fire lanes. I am curious to see how this plays out in tournaments though. Traditionally all the tables are set beforehand. SO will we see players resetting terrain before the game or will tournaments keep the status quo and say dont move the terrain.

  7. Also Warboss stalin, I can see taking some of the new powers on a secondary seer. The telepathy powers are nice. my main issue is that some of the powers in the divination tree, although better in some cases, only affect the psycker and not the whole unit. so Eldrad could reroll saves, but not the unit he is with.

    The telepathy powers a actually very good and if you have a second seer to load up on them it can really add some support. I would not however change stuff out on eldrad as he is generally my primary seer.

  8. I agree that my game might have went well due to the fact that I was not alone, but with a team-mate. So while a lot of points went into my tanking unit - my ally was instrumental to crumble the enemies.

    Still, I disagree that Divination is a not a viable choice Vs Fortune/Doom. 4 out of 6 spells help units, not just the Farseer and you can always pick Primaris Power (an Improved Guide basically) if you rolled a 'Farseer-only-buff' spell.

    I was lucky and rolled 1, 2, 3 and 4 as Eldrad on Divination and then changed 4 (Ignore cover buff) for Primaris. On that day it was the best possible combo for my Army. And it worked great for me.

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