Saturday, May 28, 2016

Operation Space Bunnies: ITS Tournament Report!

Greetings all! SeerK here once again.  This time I am here to talk about the I.T.S tournament I played in this past weekend.  I made my way over to the GR War Room in Grand Rapids for Operation Space Bunnies this past weekend.  The tournament was put on by Nate Schafer and Ryan Vogt.  Ryan could not be present sadly, but for good reasons.  He is now a proud papa of a baby girl.  Congrats from the whole team sir!

The tournament was a 300 point ITS with 12 point Spec Ops.  The missions were Safe Zone, Decapitation and everybodies favorite Biotechvore.  I brought a Vanilla PanOceania list that I have to admit was less than optimal.  The tournament had a painting requirement and I did not have a lot of time to paint anything due to the new job.  I had to use what I had painted and do a bare minimum 3 color treatment to 4 of my units.

This was the first tournament I have played in since the release of Human Sphere N3.  The Infinity community is developing here and we have a mix of seasoned veterans playing since N2 and new players.  I myself have been playing since N3 came out.  There were 8 people participating and a few onlookers coming into the gaming area to see what was going on. Lets take a look at the lists I was running first off.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Marauders! Syndicate and Omnidyne OSO!

Greetings all, SeerK here to talk about the new releases from Spartan Games for Firestorm Armada.  It looks like we are getting into the Marauders finally.  This month and June we have the Syndicate and Omnidyne fleets releasing.  I am pretty excited for these releases for the sheer fact that we are into the Marauders book,  Not only that but we have new models for ships we have had stats for and a substantially expanded OSO fleet.  It is more of a core fleet for the Marauders fleet now. Tier 2 is really fleshed out by the look of things.  Is this going to set a new trend for the Marauders.  I hope so, but I digress Lets take a look at the new models.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

WayGate Update: SeerK Is Goin To NOVA

Hi all! SeerK here. So it occurred to me that I had not posted in a while. I have been pretty busy with a brand new job and they have me out of town quite a bit for training. A lot has been going on and once again real life has kept me from writing. Well time to change that. I figured I should do an update. Spartan and Corvus Belli have been busy over the past month. I also have some tournaments and conventions coming up I wanted to mention. I am planning on doing some posts this week in my down time at the hotel. So stay tuned for some predictions based on Spartans Latest releases.  Lets talk conventions.  Origins, Gencon, The Michigan GT and The NOVA Open.  Wait SeerK did you say NOVA?!?!?  I did!