Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Marauders! Syndicate and Omnidyne OSO!

Greetings all, SeerK here to talk about the new releases from Spartan Games for Firestorm Armada.  It looks like we are getting into the Marauders finally.  This month and June we have the Syndicate and Omnidyne fleets releasing.  I am pretty excited for these releases for the sheer fact that we are into the Marauders book,  Not only that but we have new models for ships we have had stats for and a substantially expanded OSO fleet.  It is more of a core fleet for the Marauders fleet now. Tier 2 is really fleshed out by the look of things.  Is this going to set a new trend for the Marauders.  I hope so, but I digress Lets take a look at the new models.

The Syndicate gets new models in the form of the Frigates and Gunships.  The Patrol fleet includes the Battle Cruiser and the Battleship is a separate boxed set.  So this fills out all the ships we have stats for in the Syndicate fleet. I have always liked the Syndicate ships.  The metal parts are all gone and the ships are all resin. The "Space Cadillacs" are looking as sexy as ever.  If you have never squared off against the Syndicate in a game, they can be pretty interesting to play against. They are also interesting to play.  None of their ships have indirect weapons, so you kind of have to be in the open to really use the weaponry effectively.

Next up is the June release for Firestorm Armada.  The OSO or "Omnidyne Special Operations" is a corporation that is kind of on the fringe of the Directorate.  The real exciting part of this release is the massive expansion of the Omnidyne fleet.  We have new Cruisers, Light Cruisers, and an Escort Carrier.  The new ships look pretty cool, especially the new escort carrier.

The addition of an Escort Carrier and Light Cruisers and the Reinforcement Group seems to indicate we will have some stats for Task Force from the start. I could be wrong so don't quote me, but if I was a betting man I would say we have some Task Force stats around the corner for Omnidyne and the rest of the Firestorm Universe.  I think the only thing I may be concerned with in regards to the new Omnidyne models is the Iconic ring at the aft.  Are they still metal or are they now resin?  I feel like there may be breakage issues if they have switched totally to resin.  Of course the ships will be lighter if they are so the issues I have seen in the past with wobbly ships may be resolved.

So currently I am digging the new releases.  I am interested to see the final stats for the new ships though.  The OSO is a pretty strong Alliance faction to begin with.  Next time I am going to be delving into my development of my new Relthoza list.  It is an ode to Spellduckwrongs "Cruise Dozer".  Thanks to the addition of Light Cruisers to the fleet mix I might be able to pull off a true Cruiser swarm on the table.  I am also going to be talking about my Infinity Tournament experience at "Operation Space Bunnies" I.T.S. event in Grand Rapids today.  A Warcor cant be everywhere at once and its awesome seeing community members stepping up and running events to foster community.

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always........


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