Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The 9th Foundation of Vengeance: Pain

Pain is a constant. Pain is a fact of life. That which does not kill you makes you stronger. Pain is a central theme to the Dark Eldar. In fact the main mechanic to the army is the “Power From Pain” special rule. The quest to gain pain tokens and their proper distribution is essential to the function of the army. Not only does it increase the survivability of your units, but it also increases the killing power. So I give you the 9th Foundation of Vengeance. Pain.

Feel No Pain, Furious Charge and Fearless are the stages of pain. Getting the pain tokens can prove to be difficult. You have to kill a non vehicle unit to gain one. This means actually killing the unit. Retreating units don't count and every last model in the unit must be dead. This can prove rather difficult to do quickly and speed is the key.

If you get lucky and roll a 6 for your combat drug units you will start the game with tokens. Haemonculi, Wracks and Grotesques also start the game with a token. You can of course combine these to start the game with a couple tokens for a fearsome unit. The real catch though is getting the units without access to combat drugs tokens quickly. Lets face it your HQ's can't be everywhere at once to play the token game, that is taking tokens with them when they leave a unit to give them to another unit.

For Token Generation in the Webway list I was using a Chronos Parasite Engine. When deployed by webway you are generally close enough to the enemy to start getting some kills and thus generating tokens. Never give the first token to the Chronos. With a toughness of 7 your opponent will be using hi strength, low AP weapons to shoot it so the FNP does not do you any good. Concentrate fire on soft targets. The whole purpose of the Chronos in the list is to generate tokens. So arm it as such.

The infliction of pain upon your opponent is key. The lesson of pain is not just about pain token generation. Any army can learn from the lesson pain. The real key is hitting soft targets and exposed targets. For a dark Eldar army this is ideal as it means quick and easy pain token generation. You thin out the heard so you can concentrate resources to take out the hard targets. If you deploy and move your army so you pick off the soft targets first and ignore the hard targets you really give yourself an advantage. Not only in numbers but the ability to press your opponent. With the exception of ranged heavy weapons, killer hard units are useless if the enemy can't get them in position to use them. Even the heavy weapons, like artillery and heavy weapons squads, are soft targets to me as they can only really do any damage at range. Your opponent does not want them to be attacked obviously so they will be surrounded or set up in a fortified position. This is where your deployment strategy comes into play. If faced with heavy weapons set up in a fortified position in the corner the obvious choice for deployment options is to outflank or deep strike units with the ability to do so. Get them in close enough to take out the threat. You must also set up in such a way your opponent deploys his dead ard units to try and take out your big guns. That Archon with a unit of Incubi, the Seer Council lead by Eldrad. Pain is an essential foundation, as you cannot really inflict the maximum amount without knowing the other, at least a few anyway, Foundations of Vengeance.

Use what you have learned to strike at the weak soft targets so that your units are stronger and able to deal with the larger harder targets. You then overwhelm the enemy with the fury of your assault.

So there you have it The 9th Foundation of Vengeance: Pain. Next time I will be talking about a unit from the Eldar codex near and dear to me. A much underused and unappreciated unit. The Storm Guardian.

I may also have an update on the humble beginnings of my Waaaagh!

Until then..........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls......................WAAAAAAAGGHH!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Smpathy For the Devil: Wayland Games Rejects Finecast

So I was cruising around the web going to some of the different war games blogs and Online retailers checking out their wares and reviews.  I came across UK based Wayland Games.  They are a big online retailer that sells a lot of 40K stuff.  They had this to say about the new Finecast line

It is with regret that in the next 10 days all presently outstanding purchases of Citadel Finecast items will be refunded.  Unfortunately, a randomly sampled assessment has revealed what we feel to be an excessive level of actual and potential flaws that, if reflected across our entire stock of Finecast, could result in unacceptable inconvenience to our customers.  We have reached this decision as soon as was practicably possible but extend our apologies to all customers who are affected.   Although we will be returning our present stockholding to the manufacturer, please be assured that we remain committed to carrying the Finecast line and will be restocking in due course. Additional information is available from our website here

I know I have had some issues with the quality of Forgeworld models in the past.  Granted the company has taken care of the issues, but with such high production and GW limiting the amount you can buy, presumably because of production problems, what are they going to do about the apparent quality issue with this first run.

GW is charging a premium for the new models and they are no different than the metal ones, with the exception of some formerly unknown details on the models coming thru due to resin not shrinking like metal in the molds.  Some of the models are reaching Forgeworld prices.  The Avatar of Khaine jumpes form $20.00 U.S Dollars to $38.  

I applaud Wayland Games for basically sticking it to GW.  The new Brass obviously don't care for their customers.  The utter contempt they show  to the loyal fans of their games is insulting.

GW get a clue and get your heads out of your collective Bum.

Ok rant over.  I have assembled the orks I aquired from the bits trading, although I ended up wth 3 sides to some death koptas and no other half or blades.  I have 36 slugga boyz and a Warboss to start my Waaagh.  I look farward to getting some more and getting these guys painted.  

Next time I will have the 9th Foundation Of Vengeance.  Also I have been very lax in my coverage of my beloved Craftworlders.  So I will be talking about  a very seldom used unit.  The Storm Guardian.

Until then....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls.....................................WAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bits For The Bits God! Also Let The Waaaagh Begin!

So I did not want to jump on the 6th edition rumor band wagon. SO I won't. I will believe the rumors when I have the rule book in my hand. Granted Blood Of Kittens is fairly accurate with their rumors, but honestly me commenting on them is kind of beating a dead horse.

So I just wanted to remind everybody we will be doing some bits trading at Evolution Games in Lansing. Old School Terminator has the bits bug and I have to say it has bitten me too. I have been working on models and seem to be finding my way out of my hobby funk. I am very excited as I hope to trade Old School for some Orks tomorrow. IN honor of my new adopted army I am going to try ans start some discussion on Orks.

I want to do a themed army and I have it kind of narrowed down to a couple different things. I have been contemplating Bad Moons and Death Skulz. I Like the bright loud yellow colors predominant in a Bad Moon Army. I like the idea of blue and green though as well. I also really like the whole Death Skull habit of looting everything. This opens up a lot of possibilities for looted vehicles and big guns.

I am hopefully going to pick up the main core of Boyz tomorrow and I plan on painting a couple to see how I like the different color schemes. I am also leaning towards the Death Skullz because I am a fan of Meks. I like the whole concept of orky technology and the Meks just kind of hap haphazardly throwing stuff together.

So I am planing on running a Big Mek and Warboss as my HQ's. I plan on running boyz of course as the bulk of my army. I want Burna Boyz as well, but I am not sure what else to run. Since this is a fun army I want to keep in theme, but use units that are not seen that often. Something off the wall really. I like the idea of the Tank Bustas and bomb squigs. I was also kinda shocked to learn that Deff Coptas have a bomb attack they can do. I have never seen ork players use them like that.

I have a lot of reading to do so as I progress with them army cut this git a little slack all you veteran Warbosses.

SO I hope to see you guys at the bits trading. I should be there pretty early after I say hi to some people and get some stuff done. I will be parting with some of my Eldar as I just do not use the models and I don't see myself needing them in the future. I will be giving up some Chapter House Warlocks complete with jet bikes. I also have a falcon and Pathfinders to sell off. I have a complete Harlequin troop as well. I never run them so I might as well part with them.

I hope to have a fun battle report vs one of the Dark Future Game guys tomorrow as I have not gotten a one on one game with OST of CVinton in a while. Also look for the 9th Foundation Of Vengeance this weekend. The Stormlord suggests I speak about a topic near and dear to a Dark Eldar's dark heart. Pain.

Until next time..............

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Putting The Fun Back Into War

It seems to me the whole 40K hobby is very different than it was 10 years ago. Its kind of cool I can make a statement like that about a war game. Game companies and games come and go, but there are a few, 40K one of them, that endure. I think the big thing is community and support. GW has always supported their games fairly well, with the exception of the era of the specialist games when they kinda just forgot about them.

The hobby has changed because the community has really evolved. I never really thought about it until a conversation with OST last week. That and one of our regular players from the shop decided he was going to get out of the hobby. The main reason was of how competitive things were, even in just friendly games.

OST also brought up the same thing. The competitive nature of play that is. Playing like its a tournament all the time really burns you out as a player. I think the community has gotten so intense with all the blogs, forums and big tournaments and conventions, the casual player is getting left in the dust. When you are at your FLGS to play a friendly game and everybody is “training” for a tournament, its like walking into the Cobra Kai Dojo looking for a Yoga class.

I have been feeling the same way as OST. The competitive nature of play is burning me out and taking some of the fun out of it for me. I use to play off the wall lists and play army lists just for the hell of it. Not to see how they work or how I can min max them, but just to have a good fun game. I am in a hobby rut. I play only half heatedly and I have not painted anything in almost 3 months. I am kind of glad I am at home this week due to being broke just to take a break and gain some perspective. SO I am going to have fun and try some new stuff.

This leads me to my next point. I am starting a new army to break up the all “Eldar all the time” mantra. I am going to start playing Orks. While I build my webway Dark Eldar and continue the Craftworlders I am going to be building an ork army for fun. I have yet to see an ork player get frustrated or not have fun even when getting beat. The orky style of play really speaks to my more basic gamer instincts. Hit , hit it again and if it still movin hit it again for good measure.

I really plan on doing some nice modeling and conversion work on DA boyz. I really want the army to have character and show my personality. I may even bring DA boyz to Adepticon next year for grins. I know OST and I have joked about it, but expect to see some conversions that may enable me to use the orks counting as Eldar. Its a challenge to my modeling skills and should prove to be fun as hell so

Ere'we go, ere'we go, ere'we go lads

I would really like a return to the FLGS doing more than just tournaments. Painting competitions, conversion contests and the like. I want to foster the hobby as a whole. There is nothing like 2 painted armies on the table. I want the FLGS to be an environment that is friendly to new players again. Someplace the casual player can come in and get a friendly fun game. The competitive side will still be there, but as veteran players we need to set a good example and make the new players feel welcome. We need to help the new guys out. Teach people how to paint and the modeling techniques that will allow them to convert models to their taste. Basically if you want your FLGS to have a good strong community for a long time you need to foster it. Give a man a fish..... Check out Dark Future Games for OST's thoughts on the subject later today.

Until next time.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Fear the Reaper

A grand little present came in the e-mail this morning. Forge World has done a great job with this sleek looking kit. The Reaper can be seen at forge world's site here.

It's rules do seem to favor anti-tank, but without a higher rate of fire. This skimmer is limited to a pinning blast.

This bad boy really shines Against armor values. Capable of glancing a tank to death with just one volley.

I would love to see one of these fielded soon.

I wanted to share my fantastic find from my email.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 8th Foundation Of Vengeance: Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Knowing the who, what, when, why and where of a situation gives you control of the situation and the ability to make informed decisions. In war gathering intelligence about the dispositions of the enemy force is essential to planning a strategy that provides victory with a minimal loss of soldiers and resources. Sun Tzu teaches us that “if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself”.

Knowledge about your opponent is just as important as knowledge of the game and your own army. You must know your own force and all the rules and errata associated it. It also makes sense to read other codex’s and learn about your opponents. Knowing the rules of another codex better than the person playing the army gives you a distinct tactical advantage as you know how the unit works and possible uses and scenarios involving said unit. This allows you to build a strategy to counter and eliminate the unit with a minimal expenditure of resources.

I have been taking this to heart as of late as I look for another Xenos army to start as a side project. I have been reading up on Orks and Tyranids. I also have been reading through the new Grey Knight codex and FAQ in order to better understand my prey. Grey Knights are proving to be a thorn in my side for the usual tactics with the Craftworlders. Once I complete my research I will be going over some strategies, which I will try out first, on the most optimal way of killing these uber marines.

I am studying the army as a whole and how it pertains to the primary list I am using. Since my webway list is a heavy hand to hand list I have to take a hard look at the Grey Knight units I may run into. The most popular is purifiers. They seem to have a lock on combat, even in small numbers. The most obvious thing that pops out to me is to pour fire into them and jut use weight of fire to wipe them out. This can work, but the key is not getting engaged in combat. So my mind starts laying down scenarios and possible outcomes based on different situations. There are a lot of permutations to deal with, but you kinda have to have that mindset in order to plan and be ready for things. Knowledge is nothing if you don't know how to use it.

I think the biggest thing though is know your own codex and know the rules. Remember to know thy enemy is to know thyself. Understand and know your codex inside and out. Know the FAQ rulings and different interpretations. Be prepared to defend yourself on the battle field and in the realm of rules problems. You can read a codex over and over and still find things you did not know where there and after more and more games see uses for units that you had not thought of before. SO study young Seers. Knowledge is power.

So there you have it the 8th Foundation of Vengeance. Study well. In other news There will be a big Bits Trading Day at Evolution games on Wednesday June 22nd. Old School Terminator has declared a bits day as we have not had one one since before Adepticon. SO I hope to see you there. I will have Eldar bits to trade and sell. I will be looking for Orks.

Until then..........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Craftworld Lansing is Expanding.

Well if you had not noticed 2 more writers have joined the Craftworld.  Seven and The Stormlord are locals players at Evolution games who play Xenos armies exclusively.  The Stormlord and I have been friends since 5th grade in fact.  I tried to get him into 40K back in 2nd edition and although he did collect some Tyranids it did not stick. 

Given the expansion I have decided to play host to all things Xenos rather than just all things Eldar.  The Eldar will remain at the forefront for myself, and probably seven as well, but you will see much expanded coverage of Necrons and more Xenos action in the future.  In fact I have been contemplating a new army.

I love my Eldar, but I have been in such a competitive streak with them it is wearing me down.  I want something fun for playing at the shop.  A nice on the side slow build and something to break the painting rut I am in.

I want to stay Xenos though so I have narrowed the field between two armies.  Both fond of hordes in fact.  Orks and Tyranids.  I really like the look and feel of both armies.  Fun factor goes way in favor of the Orks, but there is the allure of a faceless and emotionless killing machine.

So I thought I would leave it up to the readers.  What should I play?

Leave a comment and cast your vote. Orks or Tyranids?

Next time we go into the next Foundation of Vengeance, Knowledge

Until then.....................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Please allow me to introduce myself...

Greetings all, I am the StormLord, the third member of the Seer Council.  Unlike Seven and Seer Karandras, I am not an Eldar player.  My preferred army is Necrons.  Yes, you heard correctly.  Even before all the rumors started circulating, I had a metallic army waging war against the Imperium. 

I still consider myself somewhat of a 40K n00b, as I only just got back into the hobby within the past year and a half.  Back in the ancient days, I used to match my Tyranid army against SeerK's budding Eldar.  After taking a 12 year hiatus from 40K, I am back in the fold.  I never quit war gaming during that time, as I have a massive Fantasy Bretonnian army, and 4 others. Various other war games like Mage Knight, HeroClix, Axis and Allies, and Battletech pepper my experience, and give it a different flavor and perspective from your traditional 40K player.

I also run my own blog, Chaos Kingdoms.  Primarily I will keep this as a modeling/war gaming blog with a definite focus on WFB, and my 40K contributions will be kept here. You can check out my last game against SeerK's Dark Eldar here.

Later today I will post my review of the DFG tournament at Game Links. I faced 3 fantastic opponents, but all 3 were Space Marines...

I believe the WH40K Xeno players need to stick together. All this Space Marine cheese and the Imperium of man needs to fall. The Xenos are coming...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Two things for New/old players to consider

Hi there ladies and gentlemen. I am Seven, Local eldar player of evolution games. I started playing warhammer 40k about a year ago, but I have been interested in the game for quite some time.

Eldar was my first army that I ever got into and played. Recently, SeerK has invited me to become apart of Craftworld Lansing. I have some experience as a guest writer for a different blog called Dark Future Games. I am very excited and pleased to be offered a position as a blog author and hope to be able to hold the interest of the 40k blog community. My posts will be focused around the eldar race. I’d like to get in posts on a variety of eldar related articles, from tactics to works in progress on my army, and maybe branch into some other subjects.

My first post will be about learning curves. As I mentioned my first army was eldar, I was told that I chose one of the more difficult armies to pick up as a first army. I learned this by first hand experience. My first ten games I played in were crushing defeats, but from defeat comes experience. I have now gotten to the point where even if I don’t win or tie. I always bring some challenge to the table. There are a few aspects I would like to highlight.

Tactical decisions: This is a integral part of the game, and even the most venerated players can be seen making mistakes that cost them dearly. Some things come to mind immediately for me, I have a nasty habit to spread my forces too thin. As an eldar player, my lists tend to have a good amount of firepower but my deployment or sometimes my target priority turn my army into a blunted weapon. I think that the eldar’s style of attack (more so than most armies) needs to resemble that of the rapier, deadly and focused to its target.

My first task when I started out, was to read the rule book thoroughly and then experiment in games as well as observe other players. Watching others play gives great insight because you aren’t involved with what either of the combatants personal interests. Being objective makes it easier to spot poor tactical choices and I really recommend watching your friends play (just don’t table crowd :/ ..... ). I don’t want to make it sound like battle reports are bad, but I don’t find them helpful for new players, they are just to short and underdetailed to give you time to consider options and tactical questions. If battle reports did have that much information, no one would read them. They would be longer than a fifty page report.

My personal suggestion to better your tactics is to play more games and at the end of each game ask yourself (and others as well), what choices did you make that impacted the game drastically. Maybe even write down a few notes so you can keep these things in mind easier.

Another thing about tactics that has been continually been floating around my head, If played correctly tactics far out weigh army list creation (not that any list can win but any reasonable list stands a chance). I have been watching games quite a bit and have seen that players that appeared to have much weaker lists have won because their tactics were far superior. One example off the top of my head is a game where SeerK forced a nob squad to go around his own units because there was not enough space for the nob squad to disembark. This kept a unit that has poor shooting and amazing assault out of assault for several rounds of combat, causing a huge swing of momentum in his favor. Something that came up in a game of mine was that I moved a wave serpent up to close the gap so my harlequins could jump out and pimp a squad of gargoyles. I ended up too close the the squad and the gagoyles surrounded the wave serpent, the squad was unable to pierce the armor but I was still unable to disembark the following turn and that killed rounds of combat where the assault driven squad did nothing. This caused a tie instead of a very potential win.

The U.S.S. SPORTMANS SHIP: I believe this is the most important thing about playing 40k. I am not talking about being a care bear and being a pansy so that your opponent likes you. What I am referring to, is that your opponent respects you at the end of the game. If your opponent is doing things you plainly don’t agree with, do not just let them continue as if nothing is wrong. Politely ask them what they are doing and ask for a reference to the rule that allows them to do so, then if you believe you have a stronger reason why they cannot, show them the rule.

There are many players that get caught up in either being so polite that they are already bent over the table (waiting for their opponent to pulverize their........well, you get the idea.........), or they are so aggressive that they make their opponent hate them. Try to be assertive, don't be taken advantage of, BUT don't be blind to any point of view other than your own.

I think this is a lesson that new players need the most, but still applies to the guys who have played since space hulk came out.

I feel like this post has gone a little bit longer than I intended it and will continue the learning curve line of thinking at a later time.

In the meantime, I would love to hear about some tactical situations the readers have come across where things the player did dramatically changed the outcome of the game (not just dice rolling). p.s A welcome to craftworld Lansing would be appreciated.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The 7th Foundation Of Vengeance: Kindness

How does the saying go? “Kill Them With Kindness”. This old mantra is the mainstay of retail sales and frustrated service workers in general. The reasoning behind it is to keep your cool and even be nice to people who are being raging douche bags to you. By not giving in to people trying to bait you into an argument you attain the higher ground and generally make the other person involved look stupid and like the raging douche they are. There is a certain amount of satisfaction knowing you won an argument without arguing. This is the 7th Foundation Of Vengeance: Kindness

I know I have a very hard time with keeping my temper in check when I am playing sometimes. My hatred of space marines is kind of legendary at Evolution Games. When I talk about killing your opponent with kindness I am actually not really speaking about sportsmanship. Sportsmanship has its place. You should be a good sport while playing. You should not be a good sport though when it means your opponent is going to walk all over you.

This is where the 7th foundation comes into play. Be kind and be firm when faced with questionable rules interpretations. Do not loose your cool. Be calm and cool in the face of adversity. When the rules argument inevitably leads to a judge or another person being the third party to mediate be the voice of reason. When you speak clearly and calmly you are generally more received when speaking. If you also make valid arguments while speaking this way rulings will tend to go into your favor.

I was contemplating this as I watched the Tournament hosted by DFG and MI40K at Gamelinks in Fowlerville this past Saturday. There was a decent turnout. Ryan, I feel bad for forgetting his last name, a regular at Evolution games took 3rd place with his Black Templars. He shelved the nids for this time round and really had a good showing. As I walked the floor helping out OST and CVinton answer questions and judge I watched the players reactions to situations not covered by the rules or mission packet. Some were very cordial and came to understandings. There were a few though that were really bullying their opponents and trying to pull some fast ones in regards to terrain and such.

When their opponents reacted badly the situation got worse. They did not stand up to the bully so the bully walked all over them. They remained silent and let the bully control the situation. Thats not being kind. Calmly disagreeing with the interpretation and then calling the judge over is what they should have done. It makes it all the sweeter then the judge sides with you and the bully is firmly put in his place. It also makes a victory all the sweeter.

SO be kind and make the bully look like a jackass. I have to say I let myself get baited and worked up to often. A game should not stress you out to the point you get upset. Be calm, be cool and just be kind. Kindness is one of the ultimate forms of trolling. Lets face it trolling can be fun.

Next time I hope to have a battle report from my mega huge game versus Farseer Re-Rolls. I will be squaring off against a company of marines and then some. Also I discuss the Webway list development . After winning the first 5 games with it I make some slight tweaks as I prepare to take on OST and his nids.

Until next time............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scourges, Chronos and Venoms Oh My! Pre Release Kit Reviews

Live from the FLGS we have a kit review. I should say kits as I got to put together the pre release kits Evo got for the Talos, Scourges and Venom. I was excited to get a hold of these kits especially the Scourges. I have always been a fan of scourges and in the new codex they got really good.

First lets look at the Venom. It is a very simple kit. It is very reminiscent of the Vyper kit . The hull is 2 pieces and the whole kit comes on one sprue. The rear deck and deck rails are separate pieces. The cockpit details are sparse. Plan on fully assembling and painting the pilot if you plan on having a clear canopy. I actually paint my canopies on all my models as I play with the models a lot and generally just do a basic paint job for tournament reasons. The lines are very clean though and the gap problems the old falcon kits had are gone, this is true of the raider hulls as well. The mounts for the weapons are easy to swap. The chin mounted splinter rifle and cannon can be easily magnetized. The pintle mounted splinter cannon can be easily removed.

The Scourges were an awesome kit to assemble. There are a ton of options on the sprues. The single sprue kit makes 5 Scourges. Every heavy weapon option is covered. Sadly there is only one of each so 2 boxes would be needed first to make a full squad and second to cover all your options more than once. The one thing that did make me happy is they we have splinter carbine arms. Since I like Scourges I will have enough to outfit a Trueborn squad after I buy a couple boxes. I really like the options for the Solarite. I gave the one I built an Agonizer and Blast pistol. The long spear is a nice weapon though and I see some nice wych conversions being done in the near future by me.

The Talos / Chronos Parasite engine kit s a 2 sprue kit that is born from a cthuluian nightmare. Since I have been running a Chronos in my webway list I built the kit as a Chronos. Every option is covered and the sheer amount of left over bits is staggering. It did take about 20 minutes of test fitting pieces to get the body together fully as I had no assembly instructions. This is defiantly a kit that need to be primed and painted before final assembly. The body is 2 pieces with the carapace shell over top and a 4th piece filling in the gap in its back. Its this 4th spine piece that would need to be painted before assembly as it would be hard to access for all but the most basic of painting. You should be able to magnetize the different weapon options pretty easily as there is ample room for magnets and the assembly points of the arms are ideal for magnets.
The kit bashing possibilities are the real exciting part though. After talking with OST about it we see a lot of potential for chaos players. All the tentacles and bits are ideal for Daemon Princes. Now you can actually WYSIWG your Lash Prince. I plan on using the tail weapons to do some mods on some Reaver bikes as well just for some flavor. You also get a bunch of smaller atrophied arms and “clear” canisters full of vial chemicals that would be great for accents on your plague marines or even other Dark Eldar.

I apologize for the lack of pictures. My cat Apollo decided to knock my camera off the table sending it to its doom. Once I pick up some more kits I will do an assembly tutorial. I have been meaning to add video posts.

Next time the 6th Foundation of Vengeance, finally, and we start discussing Ard Boyz. We will also be adding an author to the blog. Seven, long time reader and Eldar player at the FLGS, will be joining the Seer Council as a writer.

Until next time...

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!