Sunday, June 5, 2011

The 7th Foundation Of Vengeance: Kindness

How does the saying go? “Kill Them With Kindness”. This old mantra is the mainstay of retail sales and frustrated service workers in general. The reasoning behind it is to keep your cool and even be nice to people who are being raging douche bags to you. By not giving in to people trying to bait you into an argument you attain the higher ground and generally make the other person involved look stupid and like the raging douche they are. There is a certain amount of satisfaction knowing you won an argument without arguing. This is the 7th Foundation Of Vengeance: Kindness

I know I have a very hard time with keeping my temper in check when I am playing sometimes. My hatred of space marines is kind of legendary at Evolution Games. When I talk about killing your opponent with kindness I am actually not really speaking about sportsmanship. Sportsmanship has its place. You should be a good sport while playing. You should not be a good sport though when it means your opponent is going to walk all over you.

This is where the 7th foundation comes into play. Be kind and be firm when faced with questionable rules interpretations. Do not loose your cool. Be calm and cool in the face of adversity. When the rules argument inevitably leads to a judge or another person being the third party to mediate be the voice of reason. When you speak clearly and calmly you are generally more received when speaking. If you also make valid arguments while speaking this way rulings will tend to go into your favor.

I was contemplating this as I watched the Tournament hosted by DFG and MI40K at Gamelinks in Fowlerville this past Saturday. There was a decent turnout. Ryan, I feel bad for forgetting his last name, a regular at Evolution games took 3rd place with his Black Templars. He shelved the nids for this time round and really had a good showing. As I walked the floor helping out OST and CVinton answer questions and judge I watched the players reactions to situations not covered by the rules or mission packet. Some were very cordial and came to understandings. There were a few though that were really bullying their opponents and trying to pull some fast ones in regards to terrain and such.

When their opponents reacted badly the situation got worse. They did not stand up to the bully so the bully walked all over them. They remained silent and let the bully control the situation. Thats not being kind. Calmly disagreeing with the interpretation and then calling the judge over is what they should have done. It makes it all the sweeter then the judge sides with you and the bully is firmly put in his place. It also makes a victory all the sweeter.

SO be kind and make the bully look like a jackass. I have to say I let myself get baited and worked up to often. A game should not stress you out to the point you get upset. Be calm, be cool and just be kind. Kindness is one of the ultimate forms of trolling. Lets face it trolling can be fun.

Next time I hope to have a battle report from my mega huge game versus Farseer Re-Rolls. I will be squaring off against a company of marines and then some. Also I discuss the Webway list development . After winning the first 5 games with it I make some slight tweaks as I prepare to take on OST and his nids.

Until next time............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!

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