Thursday, May 28, 2015

Journey Into The Breach: Malifaux

Greetings all.  SeerK here.  Today I wanted to talk about a game that I have recently been learning.  Tj over at Dark Future Games  has been talking about his journey into Infinity, I am starting to get into that as well, so I thought I should post about my journey into the world of Malifaux.  I was approached by 40kOrigins to help out at Origins Game Fair June 3rd-7th.  They are running all the 40K, Necromunda and BFG tournaments as well as running demos of Mercs, Drop Zone Commander, Rivet Wars and Malifaux.

 I personally will be Running Malifaux Demos Wednesday and Thursday.  I am not running and Spartan Games stuff, but I will have my Firestorm Armada fleets and Firestorm Planetfall army with me if anybody is interested in a game or 5.  Next year me thinks there will be some Firestorm Armada though.

SO lets take a look at Malifaux.  I am new to the game so please excuse me if I make any errors.  So far I have been enjoying it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Invasion Begins! New Fleet Boxes!

So if you have been on Facebook or the forums you have probably seen the new Fleet boxes containing the Invasion ships needed to take a planet and deliver your Planetfall Armies.  You haven't? well here you go....

The Fleet Boxes contain an Assault Carrier, Assault Cruisers and Frigates of a new class.  The Box also contains details about 6 Fleet Commanders.  Thats right everybody we now have special characters!  Probably more exciting is what else is contained in the booklet in the box.  Firestorm System Wars rules and Scenarios.  Now we just need some more Helixs and Spec ops to hit!  Speaking of Planetfall, Have you seen the RSN Helix and the Veydreth?

The allied Race helixs will now all be out and we have Recon Helixs this month.  What a Lovely Day!

Until next time Crush The Alliance and as always.....


Monday, May 25, 2015

Remember The Fallen

SeerK here. I wanted to take a moment and say a little something today.  Today is Memorial Day.  Today we remember those who have fallen in the line of duty serving our country.  Today I remember those in my family who have passed beyond the veil.  My Grandfather Alfred Linde, who served in the Army Core of Engineers in WW2 and My Grandfather Raymond Sell who served and a Ball Gunner on a B-17 in Europe.  He was shot down and survived two year in a prison camp.  I remember them for their service and the Legacy they left behind.

While you are enjoying the long weekend and the BBQ's remember the fallen.

Long Live The Fighters!

Monday, May 18, 2015


SeerK here once again.  I am here to give a little update on what we are doing event wise over the next few months.  As you may have noticed we have a Michigan GT logo up on the page.  The WayGate crew , myself, Dreadbeard and Spellduckwrong, will be running some events at the 2015 Michigan GT September 25th-27th.  We are very excited to be running Firestorm in our home town of Lansing Michigan.

The Michigan GT started out as a large 40K grand tournament.  They will be running the GT per normal as well as several other 40K events.  Warmachine and Hordes will also be represented.  In fact there will be a Masters tournament.  We will be running two Firestorm Armada tournaments.  We are planning an 800 point tournament and a 1200 point tournament.  Dreadbeard has also had a very cool concept which we are developing for a fun Narrative event which we will be running on the day we are not running tournaments.  It should be a very fun weekend.  Reserve the time off and watch out for pre registration to open next month.  register early as we will have limited space.  Click on the Michigan GT banner to the right for details and stay tuned to the blog for details as they develop.

If you are going to Origins Game fair  June 3rd-7th in Columbus Ohio stop by the miniature area to say hi.  I will be there with 40kOrigins running games and seeing what the convention is all about.  I will be running Malifaux on Wednesday and Thursday.  The group is running 40k tournaments, Drop Zone Commander, Necromunda, Battle Fleet Gothic, Ogre, Mercs and a few others.  I of course will have all my Firestorm Armada and Firestorm Planetfall stuff on hand if anybody wants to get a game in or learn.  I am not there Representing Spartan Games as a Vanguard officially this year, but a good Vanguard never rests.  Next year is in the works though.

I may also be at Gencon working at the Spartan Games booth, as long as they get back to me.  I may still head down at least for a day or two to mingle and say hi.  I will bring my fleets as I do believe a couple of the Spartan Community members were going to try and do an impromptu get together.

That's all for now.  Register for the GT soon and keep your eyes here for details.  Also come say hi at the 40kOrigins area and try out some games run by yours truly.  After my shifts are done I am always available to blow your fleets out of the stars.

Until next time......

Crush the Alliance and as always....


Monday, May 11, 2015

Planetfall Terrain! A Closer Look

A typical table at the FLGS
SeerK here once again.  I had a request from Spartan Community Forum member Ryjak, to talk about terrain in Planetfall. That is terrain interaction and some examples of the terrain coverage on the tables when our group is playing.  Terrain has been one of the big concerns for Planetfall. with everybody learning the system and feeling out the game it has been hard to gauge how much terrain is appropriate.

There has been quite a bit of debate and opinions given on the forums and on the Facebook groups.  The group at Evolution Games in Lansing, my group, has been playing with about 55%-65% table coverage.  We have found this to be an appropriate amount of coverage.  Some groups have been playing with less though. We had thought terrain was going to have an affect on game length and it does to a point.  After I got some confirmation from Spartan Alex that games should average about 3 turns, we realized we weren't playing wrong and the game really is that brutal.