Friday, January 20, 2017

Road to Adepticon: Military Orders Tournament Prep

Greetings all.  SeerK here once again.  In this installment I am going to change gears a bit.  I have no new news for Adepticon, I will this coming week as the boys at Studio 343 just sent a big old box of Halo swag for the Halo Fleet Battles and Halo Ground Command tournaments.  In this post I am going to be talking Infinity.  Specifically about the PanOceania sectorial, Military Orders.  Despite the slew of Spartan events taking place at Adepticon, I have decided to actually play in something this year.  I don't play in events I am overseeing, so I turn to my other wallet draining game, Infinity.   I have three awesome Vanguards joining the team this year so I am playing in the only Infinity tournament I can do.  The Thursday 200 point spec- Ops Tournament.  I have been debating on which army to bring.  Bringing a Haqqislam force gives me an excuse to get an army painted.  You know in addition to all the terrain we have to paint and build.  I have decided to take a Military Orders force.  I don't play them often and with the new Order Sergeants box coming out.  I think its time to get them out on the table for a tournament. Lets take a look at Military Orders!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Road to Adepticon: Primer Missions!

Greetings all!  SeerK here with your mission briefing.  The team has labored long, but we have a set of Primer missions for all our events at Adepticon.  The exception is The FSA Mega Battle also known as the Flashpoint Amber Narrative event.  Spartan Neil and I are working on that currently.  The Narrative requires much more work as it ties into the impending Flashpoint Amber Campaign.  In fact is is going to be a major pivotal event in the campaign.  The Amber system hangs in the balance.  The Schaumburg system under Kurak control as of last years Championships.  Will they be able to hold it as the Zenian League unleashes hell upon them. The Stage is set and the trap has been sprung. Be a part of history as we unveil something never before seen at Adepticon 2017.............but first lets look at those Primer Missions!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Road to Adepticon: The Schaumburg Prime Offensive!

Greetings all!  SeerK here with our next update on the road to Adepticon.  In this installment we are talking about the big show.  The Firestorm Armada North American Championships.  The 3rd Schaumburg Prime Offensive.  As I write this, Spellduckwrong, Dreadbeard and Myself are putting the finishing touches on the Primer missions.  In fact we will be posting primer missions for all the Spartan Games events at Adepticon the begining of next  week.  Links will be here in the side bar, on the event pages and on the main Adepticon website

This Year we are back to 900 points and we are now in a two day format.  Day one is 3 rounds and a Qualifier for day 2.  Day two is the top 8 players from day 1.  Lets dive in and look in depth at this years North American Firestorm Armada Championships!