Friday, January 20, 2017

Road to Adepticon: Military Orders Tournament Prep

Greetings all.  SeerK here once again.  In this installment I am going to change gears a bit.  I have no new news for Adepticon, I will this coming week as the boys at Studio 343 just sent a big old box of Halo swag for the Halo Fleet Battles and Halo Ground Command tournaments.  In this post I am going to be talking Infinity.  Specifically about the PanOceania sectorial, Military Orders.  Despite the slew of Spartan events taking place at Adepticon, I have decided to actually play in something this year.  I don't play in events I am overseeing, so I turn to my other wallet draining game, Infinity.   I have three awesome Vanguards joining the team this year so I am playing in the only Infinity tournament I can do.  The Thursday 200 point spec- Ops Tournament.  I have been debating on which army to bring.  Bringing a Haqqislam force gives me an excuse to get an army painted.  You know in addition to all the terrain we have to paint and build.  I have decided to take a Military Orders force.  I don't play them often and with the new Order Sergeants box coming out.  I think its time to get them out on the table for a tournament. Lets take a look at Military Orders!

Despite my own personal views I have always had a soft spot for Religous armies.  I have a huge Sisters of Battle Army back in the day and I had a Grey Knight force before I gave up 40K for good.  Even my Eldar armies tended to be of the militant uber religious type.  I love the Knightly Orders in the Military Orders Sectorial.  So lets take a look at the tournament I am playing in and we can see what we need to do the missions.

Infinity is very objective driven and building a list to suit the missions is my first priority.  My second priority is to make sure I have enough firepower and a diverse array of equipment to deal with possible situations that might arise.  Since I am going to be running Military Orders I am going to have a fair amount of heavy infantry.  I have to include some things to keep them up and running.  Since this tournament is using the Spec Ops Option it is going to make things a bit easier.  Lets take a look at the missions and see what we need in order to complete them.  The missions are Transmission Matrix, Firefight and Decapitation.

This is a Direct Action style tournament so all the missions are not usually heavy on specialists.  In this case the 3 missions chosen for the tournament do not require any specialists to complete the objectives.  I am still going to bring a couple though.  This is because all the missions include 2 Classified Objectives.  These are random and can call for some things you do not want to be caught without.  I also need defense against hackers. Heavy Infantry can get shut down, literally, pretty quick when a hacker targets them.  Transmission Matrix is going to be rough as it has 5 antennas that have a 4 inch diameter Zone of Operation around them that I have to dominate.  They act as repeaters for Hackers so holding the Zone of Operations around the Antenna can be dubious.

Firefight is all about killing your opponent and getting more stuff from the Panoplies than my opponent.  Lt's and Specialist Troops are the main targets.  You get the most Objective points for killing more of your opponents army than they kill of yours, but killing more Lt's and more Specialists gets me maximum points.  Decapitation is similar, but its all about killing Lt's.  So as I look over the missions, I see that I am going to need some killing power and I am going to need only a couple specialists. This is good as my troops are expensive and I am going to be more than likely outnumbered.

I am going to need a solid Hacker who can dish out some pain and I am going to need an Engineer.  I may want a Doctor as well, but my confidence in standard PanO Trauma docs is not high.  I am likely to go with Knights Hospitaler so I could include a Doc with them.  Likely I am going to do my Spec Ops unit as an Order Sergeant and increase his WIP score and make him a doctor. The Father Knight Hacker profile is the hacker I am likely to go with.  he has a good WIP and his BTS is 9.  This makes him resilient and able to defend from hacking attacks.  I am trying to limit my specialists though.  If I can get by with one or two I think I will be good to go.  This kind of puts my eggs all in one basket though.  I am going to have to play smart as I will be really stretching to get a full order group of 10.

Needless to say its going to be a challenge.  200 points is when Armies with inexpensive units can really shine.  You can't have all the toys.  I may have to go the route of Order Sergeants pain train.  Although I don't know if its really a pain train or just a trolley.  I will continue messing around with lists and see where it goes,  I plan on doing some testing and getting some stuff painted over the next week, while I wait for the shipments of terrain from Spartan.  February is going to be busy.

Until Next time.........

Crush the Alliance and as always.....


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