Tuesday, March 29, 2011

See You On the Flip side: Adepticon 2011

Well we are down to about 2 days until Adepticon. I have one Exarch to paint and a Display board still under construction. I would have some more pictures from the Test of Khaine, but when I was up at the FLGS last we lacked a cable to transfer the pics from Deathbringer's phone. So those will have to wait. I am very focused on Adepticon. I am about to don my war mask and let the power of Khaine overtake me. The power of Jack Daniels and George Killian may be in the mix too.
I am not totally happy with the list I am taking, but it has a core of what I am use to using and I told myself I am going to stick with it no matter what. All that’s left is the Display board. It will be a semi simple affair as I am limited on funds and time. A trip to the craft store and some hard core last minute painting and assembly will be taking place.
We are set to leave Thursday afternoon. We will be out partying and I am sure playing some 40K at the Westin Lombard right in the heart of Adepticon. Remember to look out for myself and the DFG crew for your chance to win a Battleforce.

Old School Terminator and myself will be posting updates and we might even try and pull off a live or semi live broadcast on the floor of the convention. Keep your eyes on Craftworld Lansing and Dark Future Games for updates.

I have to say I am pretty excited. This is my first convention in like 10 years. I am looking forward to meeting players from across the country and to competing in the GT. So that’s about it for now. My next posts will be from Adepticon. I have a busy week ahead of me. I hope to see some of you at the convention.

Until then...........

Its time to wake the Avatar, war is coming.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Win A Battle Force From DFG and Craftworld Lansing!!!!

Ok I will admit it.  I love shameless promotion.  I have to say this is the brain child of Old Shool Terminator though.  You can win yourself a Battleforce of your choice just by tracking down one of the DFG Crew or Myself at Adepticon and buying us a drink.  Its a long standing tradition to have a pint while playing 40K.  I know its one of the things I miss about working for GW.  SO basically it works like this.  You find me or one of the DFG authors wearing either a DFG shirt or a Craftworld Lansing shirt.  In order to get your name entered, buy him a drink (doesn't have to be alchohol, though I think we would all prefer it). Multiple drinks will equal multiple entries. Here are some rules:

As we said, drink = name entered
More drinks = more chances
DFG team members are not allowed to turn down a drink (regardless of how horrid it is) unless:
- they are competing in an event at the moment, in which case, they will pass to a member who is not playing.
- they are inebriated, in which case, they will pass to a member who is not yet.

Winners will be announced over the blog after Adepticon, at which time the winner will tell us what battleforce he wants and we will ship it to him free of charge!

We will be out at the bars Thursday night as well and its fair game out and about as well as at Adepticon proper.  Check out OST's original post here

I like Red lagers and Whiskey for the record.

so bottoms up and see you all at Adepticon

Until then................

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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Biggest And The Strongest

So when the statement "The most powerful model in Warhammer 40,000" is made most players would think it is in reference to an epic space marine character or some Imperial war engine.  This statement was in fact made in the latest news letter from Forgeworld.  It was made in reference to the Phantom Titan.  A better pulsar, a better d-cannon, anti air and anti infantry missles and a long barrel Starcannon or Pulse laser.  The Doom of Mymera as Imperial Armor 11 is called will be comming out soon.  In fact pre-orders will be available at Adepticon, along with pre-orders for the Phantom.

Look at the sheer size of this thing.  It dwarfs the Revenant and I can only assume has more structure points and much much heavier weaponry.  I look forward to fielding one when I can afford it this fall.  So gaze and drool. I will be back with some Adepticon thoughts and progress.

Until then....................

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Test of Khaine: Pictures From the Front

Well I have a boat load of pictures from the tournament.  While I sort through them all here are a few candid shots.  The first is a Army shot of Bob Murphys Craftworld Eldar.  This army is awsome.  The paint scheme is uniform and very detailed.  I really like the conversion work done on the Farseer's and the Jetbikes.  My favorite one is of his Harlequin troop leader. I will have some more close up shots later tonight

Here is one of myself and The Judge, a frequent poster on here and Dark Future Games as well as a regular at the FLGS.  His Golden Marines will be making their finished debut at Adepticon.

This last one is of Samsquatch Monster of Dark Future Games Squaring off in the first round of the tournament against a Chaos Player.  There was a lot of Chaos Marine and Daemon players at the tournament.  I almost renamed it the 14th Black Crusade considering it was basically there to bring the hurt.  I was surpised that there was only one Eldar player and one Dark Eldar player there.  I wanted to give advice, but that would not have been in good form.  Despite my bias towards those armies I had to stay impartial.

Well I will have some more pics up tomorrow and possibly some updates about my Adepticon preperations.

Until then.....................

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Teaser: GW Incomming!

So GW released some not so great, I saw big foot or nessy style photos of two of the Dark Eldar models they have on deck.  From what I can tell it looks like a Grotesque and A Talos / Chronos Pain engine.  The former is rumored to be a metal model and the later a plastic kit that will make either a Talos or a Chronos Parasite Engine.
I use t like metal models, but as time has gone on I wish everything was plastic now.  I can see the price tag on the Grotesques being just that Grotesque and I would imagine the Talos to be in the high 40's.  I guess we will find out when they are released.  Personally I want Wracks and Flyers, but me thinks we have 3 to 4 months before we see those bad boys. 
In other news I got a game in with Inquisitor Vogrin and the new Grey Knights codex.  It was not pretty.  I will have a post all about fighting these guys later in the week.  Needless to say they have one big and very exploitable flaw.  I plan on exploiting it on Wednesday.  The Dark Kin want a crack at the knights.

SO until then..........

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Test Of Khaine: The Aftermath

Well the dust has settled and the guns have gone silent.  The Test Of Khaine is over and what a tournament.  I really want to thank Dark Future Games, MI40K and The 40K Fight club chapter of Lansing The Legio Sparticus for plugging the tournament.  we had 16 tables and 32 players fighting for the top prize.  I had to limit the amount of player to 32 because we ran out of tables.

The tournament went pretty smooth for being the largest one Evolution Games has hosted to date.  There were some hiccups though  and I appreciate all the input form the players and the tournament veterans.  More planning, more play testing and more space for the next one. It was a real learning Experience.  So on to the victors.

the winners are......

1st Mike Couchard (orks)

2nd Steve Krohn aka "Lord Solar Steve" of DFG ( Imperial Guard)

3rd  Bill Kim (Daemons)

4th Eric Gibbs (Blood Angels)

Lord Solar Steve also took home the Disciple of Khaine award for most VP's..  Bob Murphy beat out the competition in the Painting portion with his  Eldar Warhost.  I will have picks as soon as Death Bringer emails them to me.  Congrats to the winners and I look forward to my next tourney.  I think the Cult of Strife may have to have a tournament this summer.

Next time I hope to have some reviews for the new Forgeworld Eldar and possibly an update on my Adepticon Progress

Until then................

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Test Of Khaine: Almost Live

Well we are into the first round of the Test of Khaine.  The Turnout has been great, in fact it was more than I thought it would be.  I had to cap the number of players at 32 due to space and table constraints.  This is a good learning experience for me.  I usually over plan things, but in this case I did not and I have to raise my paranoia bar for planning events.
We have a nice mix of armies and players from all around Michigan.  The Dark Future Games Crew is in attendance playing with Farseer Re-Rolls and Deathbringer as my council of judges.  GT is here representing MI40K and we even have a few guys from the local chapter of the 40K fight club here as well.
  After the Tournament I plan on getting a game in with Inquisitor Lord Vogrin.  He will be using the as of yet unreleased Grey Knights Codex which arrived at Evolution Games Yesterday via Black Box.

I will have some pictures up later including one of the most dead sexy Eldar armies I have ever seen in person Painted by Bob Murphy.

Until then....

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Friday, March 18, 2011

And the Love Keeps Commin

So I was happy to see some more new Eldar Forgeworld models in my Inbox today.  The boys are bringing us the Lynx super heavy tank and the Shadow Specter Exarch.  The Lynx is floating happiness.  Armed with wither a Pulsar or a Sonic Lance it is also capable of becoming a flyer for a turn.  Needless to say I may be budgeting to at least pick up an Exarch at Adepticon if they bring enough.  Go check the rules and more images out on the Forgeworld site

Adepticon or Bust

Well after my game on Wednesday against Old School Terminator, I have quite a bit of confidence in my Craftworlder list.  The 14th Black Crusade came and felt the wrath of Ulthwe.  The Chaos marines counts as Space Wolves met with defeat and I was met with surprise, as I did not think the list would do that well.  The win also puts me in a position of only having to paint 3 models.  I am still going to attempt to get the Dark Eldar done in time as I would like to run them in the GT. 

I have begun to put the Dark Eldar in primer, but have realized to late that there is a reason I stopped using Armoury black primer.  A trip to Home Depot for good primer is in order. 

In other news I have finally received my Forgeworld order placed on Febuary 2nd. The boys at Forgworld were nice enough to reship the order to me UPS, as Homeland Security here in the states decided to fudge with the package shipping rules from overseas.  Always use the express shipping.
  I will have my review of the Shadow Specters, Warp Hunter and Hornet soon, both the kits and how they perform in game.

Also I just want to remind anybody in Michigan and within a decent distance for Lansing that the "Test Of Khaine" tournament is this Saturday at Evolution Games.  Registration starts at 11 and dice roll at noon.  I look froward to seeing you out there.  This tournament is in celebration Craftworld Lansing being up for a year.

So there you have it a little update.  I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me.  So stay tuned for updates and some product reviews.

Until then.................

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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Countdown to Adepticon

Well I have a plan. I have 2 army lists. One Craftworld Eldar and one Dark Eldar. Over the two weeks I will be painting 1850 points of Dark Eldar so I can use them in the GT. My Craftworld list is already painted with the exception of 2 Pathfinders that I can have done in a couple hours. Its unorthodox and I like it. The Dark Eldar list is a slight variation of my “Lelith Fair” list.

So We have 16 days until Adepticon. I will be making a trip to Home depot today to get some supplies to make two display boards. One is fairly Simple, a webway portal in a field. The other is a surprise and will be completed regardless if its in time for Adepticon. There is always next year.

Its going to be a very busy week. I have 2 missions to hammer the details out on for “The Test Of Khaine” Saturday, lots of painting to do and display boards to make. Oh yeah I almost forgot my new spring session of school started this week too.

So I will post updates, more than usual, as I get stuff done. It is going to be hectic to say the least.

So until next time...................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

6th Edition? Already?

Thanks to the time change and insomnia I noticed a nice post on Bell of Lost souls.  Tastytaste at Blood of Kittens apparently has the inside scoop and is being rather vague.  It would seem that 6th edition may be just over a year away. 

This upsets me for a couple of reasons.  Firstly just when codex's are getting a much needed update they will be an edition behind while the Space Marines get s fresh one off the bat. This once again means Chaos and Eldar may get a new codex just at the tail end of an edition........again.  Of course this could mean a fresh new Eldar codex in the early stages of a new edition. 

You can read the article on BOls.  The gist of it is 6th edition by August 2012 with a new boxed starter set that does not include marines, guard or a xenos.  Well that kind of eliminates basically everybody.  Unless they mean to have Sisters of Battle and Traitor Marines in the Starter set,  Or even Grey Knights and Daemons.  A very interesting proposition.

It is way to early to tell and I am going to feel like a chump if I am just perpetuating a false rumor.  Well nest time I will be covering my countdown to Adepticon.  I have 2 lists and me running one of them is dependent on getting 1850 points of Dark Eldar painted in 2 weeks.  Should be interesting. 

Also this coming Saturday is my tournament at Evolution Games in Lansing Michigan.  The Test of Khaine starts at 11 am for registration and dice roll at noon.  Speaking of tournaments, I would like to send congrats out to CSVinton of Dark Future Games for taking 2nd in MI40Ks tournament at Get Your Game On in Ann Arbor.  He also cinched first place in the painting department. 

Until next time..........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flying Blind: Coping without Seers

This past Saturday I got a game in at the FLGS with Vogrin. I have been fielding the Craftworlders for the past month taking a break from the Dark Eldar. I needed a break mainly because I will be fielding the Craftworlders at Adepticon. I also did not want to get rusty. I have to say though the 2 to 3 month stint of Dark Eldar use has honed my playing ability. Vogrin brought his Imperial Guard including 2 newly acquired Tallern Griffins. I left the Ulthwe army to rest this battle. The Aspect Warriors of Biel Tan came out to great the imperials. Lead by the Avatar and the Phoenix Lord Fuegan the Bahzhakhaine, “sword wind” to those that don't speak Eldar, was ready to purge the Mon-Keigh from the field. There was one big and very notable difference with this list as opposed to the ones I usually field. The Farseers and warlocks stayed home. Not only have the Dark Kin honed my game they have allowed me to play without Seers with confidence.
The absence of psykers in the Dark Eldar army is a major hurtle for Eldar players turning to the dark side. The Eldar army as it stands relies heavily on Farseers to augment the army. Doom and Guide work to increase the kills and Fortune helps keep troops alive. People base their whole strategy on using the seer to do what they are meant for. They of course are bolstered by a unit of warlocks or they tag along in a group of Aspect Warriors. The Seer helps keep the unit or units alive and help pick off the big nasties that may come try and interfere.
The only real problem with this strategy, especially with newer players, is that once the Seer is killed the whole army falls apart. In fact players go to great lengths to protect their Seers. Not a bad thing except this usually uses up resources that could otherwise be thrown at the opposing force.
The key to running an efficient Eldar army list, as I have said time and time again, is to have all the units working in concert and supporting one another. There are no real generalists only specialists. The key to good support is redundancy and trying to think a turn ahead even 2. This means having 2 or 3 different plans based on possible opponent actions.
That said you must be able to cope without a Seer. You must have a plan of attack that includes, but is not dependent on the Seer. As I said I ran the Avatar and Fuegan in my Biel Tan Sword Wind list. The strategy did not center around one unit as the hub. Each unit worked in mutual support of the other. Blade Storms were delivered to units that were in assault distance of Striking Scorpions. Transports were opened up by Fuegan or the Avatar and then promptly shot by Dark reapers. The key is fire order. You must plan out your fire before you start just randomly firing at units. Its kind of like knocking down domino’s. If they are lined up and spaced properly when you knock down the first one in the line the rest fall in sequence. Take out a domino in the line and the rest don't fall. You must make each shot count and contribute to the whole. When you get into this mindset, which is essential in my opinion for effective Dark Eldar armies. When you add the Seers to the mix with this all in mind you get a lot more use and utility out of the psychic powers. You also make your self ready for the loss of the Seer.
This can actually be a very effective ruse to players used to rampant Seer use. They will be so intent on taking out the fortuned Seer the rest of your army can carry out its mission and catch your opponent off guard. Being Sans Seer playing the Dark Eldar really has improved my game.
SO there ya go, some thoughts after my game. Tonight I plan on taking on Captain Obvious and his Marines. We will see how that goes. I am taking out the Banshees from the list and adding in more scorpions or possibly some War Spiders and see if ti does better. IF so I may have some painting to catch up on with my Craftworlders before Adepticon.

Although I won't be playing in it due to work. The boys at MI40K are hosting a tournament this Saturday at Get Your Game on in Ann Arbor. I will be stopping in after work to see how things are going. SO go over to MI40K for details. The Test of Kaine , my tournament will be the following weekend, March 19th, at Evolution Games in Lansing. I hope to see you there.

Until then...........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Have Cast the Runes And I See Potential

I have been reading the runes so to speak lately. I think it has a lot to do with my break from the Dark Eldar and going back to my Craftworlders. I recently saw a play test codex leaked out into the blog sphere and forums. You would be correct in guessing its the impending Grey Knights codex which should theoretically be hitting stores in April and pre release copies are probably making their way to stores now in the infamous GW Black boxes.
I have seen this codex in its raw form. Having seen these things in the past, while working for GW, I can say that changes may be pretty minimal. I have seen some pretty nasty things in it as well. 2 wound Terminators with the potential to have FNP. A monstrous creature called a Dread Knight which is armed with force weapons. Everything in this codex, with a scant few exceptions is psychic. People are dousing their collective drawers, despite the high points costs on everything, because of how powerful the models are.
They are powerful. They are all psykers. Many Eldar players will cry foul when they read about the psychic capabilities of the army. This apparent strength of the army though is its main weakness when facing the forces of the Craftworlds. Even the Dark Kin have a big advantage. Worry not for the psychic superiority of the Eldar will stymy the Grey Knights more than any other force. Runes of Warding will be standard issue. They should be already, but some internet and tournament “experts” say you don't need them. I say any regular reader knows my stance on the subject.
The followers of the Ordo Malleus seemed convinced that this codex will be the end all beat all, the pinnacle of power armor perfection. In a way it is. I see it as hope though. Hope for the Eldar. I also see it as a terrible foreboding. A taste of evil is also it. I am sorry to disappoint if you think this was going to be a Grey Knight rant or preview I will leave that to Inquisitor Lord Vogrin over at DFG. This is more of what I see in the future for the Eldar and 2 of our mortal enemies. The Mon-keigh are a trifling compared to whats down the road. I speak of course about the Ygnir and The Primordial annihilator. Commonly known as the Necrons and Chaos.
Whether you believe in codex creep or not The Eldar and Chaos Marine Codex’s are going to be the last or next to last pair of codex’s. With the trends and rules we see in each consecutive codex we can see a picture emerge for our favorite codex. You have a two edged advantage thanks to this. Firstly you have rules that were developed, theoretically, with the codex’s behind it in mind. So you have some advantages in weapons and rules that work against the previous codex’s. You also have some refinements and nerfing though, which seems to be more prevalent in non imperial codex’s. You can argue the fact all you want, its still true. The second real advantage you have is that the system itself has aged to the point that you are comfortable with the rules and really only have to deal with semantics when the codex comes out and is then FAQed. The counter point to this is of course people are use to their codex's by this point and have a refined army list. That is usually not ready to deal with the new force so chalk up another advantage.
The point I am trying to make is that the Eldar Codex when it comes out will be nasty. More so I am worried about how nasty the Chaos Marines will get. That said I am also worried GW may nerf the hell out of both of them. I am leaning towards nastiness though. I also see people getting blind sided by the Necrons. I think one of the main disadvantages of the army are the “we'll be back” rules. People spent so much time and effort trying to understand those and doing them wrong, they paid very little attention to the unit rules and tactics involved. They also ignored adapting the tactics to 5th edition. I honestly believe the impending Necron codex will be the gunman on the grassy knoll metaphorically speaking. It will be a total revamp like the Dark Eldar were. People will be caught off guard. I know I am stating the obvious to some, but I honestly think the Xenos releases from here on in are going to be nasty. There has been to much outcry for them not to be.
The Grey Knights do not worry me. They should not worry you either. So put them out of your mind. The forums and blogs will light up with clamor for the new power armored savages. They are a footnote. SO treat them as such. Lay waste to them.
As a side note I would like to applaud CSVinton of Dark Future Games. He recently rid himself of his Salamanders. I support you in your decision to rid yourself of power armor.

Next time I am going to discuss the second Mission in the “Test Of Khaine” tournament on March 19th at Evolution Games in Lansing Michigan.
I also want to touch on the concept of the Footdar army. You can make them work very well. You just need a good plan and the right strategy.

Until then....

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Taste of Things To Come: The First Test Of Khaine

As promised I have the first mission for the Test Of Khaine tournament. I also will have a sign up sheet for those local to Evolution Games in Lansing Michigan to pre register for the tournament. No money is due up from I just want an idea of how many people will be playing so I can get tables set up accordingly. I now give you the first Test Of Khaine.

Khaine cares not for the weak. Prove your strength and you prove your worth on the field of battle.

Autarch Uriel Maz'akbahn of Ulthwe

Mission 1: The Test of Strength.

Khaine values strength above all else. Weakness is not tolerated. You must be able to take what you want and have the skill and strength to keep it.

Deployment: Spear head deployment ( as per White Dwarf Expansion) with one objective placed in the center of the table. There is a 12 inch no mans land around the objective.

Special Conditions: NO unit may begin the game in the no mans land even if they have the ability to scout or infiltrate.

Primary Objective: You must hold the objective in the center of the table at the end of the game. Troops and Elites may hold the objective. Vehicles may not contest the objective nor can embarked units hold the objective, Khaine loathes those who hide from combat! To hold the objective you must have a troop or elite unit within 1 inch of the objective.

Secondary Objective: Victory points. You must wipe out as much of the enemy force as possible. Khaine has no mercy for the weak.

Victorious Slaughter: Hold the objective and wipe out ¾ of your opponents army =15bp
Major Victory: Hold the objective and wipe out ½ of your opponents army=13bp
Minor Victory: Hold Objective and wipe out ¼ of opponents army=11bp
Draw: Objective is contested and victory points are within 100 points of each other=9bp
Minor loss: Objective not held ¼ army is destroyed=8bp
Major Loss: Objective not held ½ of army destroyed=7bp
Disastrous Defeat: Objective not held and ¾ of army destroyed=5bp

+5 Battle points for wiping out your opponent.

This is the first test of Khaine. I want the Missions to be kind of different. I think it really helps you prepare for the unexpected. If anybody has feedback feel free. This is the first tournament I have run and I want it to be a fun and challenging experience. I will post the other 2 missions or “Tests” in the next couple of weeks. The Test of Speed and The Test of Cunning.
I found out what was taking my first Forgeworld order so long to get here. Apparently Homeland Security here in the states decided they were going to reduce the size and weight of packages allowed on airliners. They also neglected to tell anybody. So if you have an overseas package that is taking forever to get to you that’s probably why. The guys at Forgeworld said if I did not get it by Monday they would take care of it. I do have to say whenever I have called them they have always taken care of any issues right quick. Hats off to ya boys.

Well its coming down to less than a month to Adepticon. I have decided I am going to be taking the Craftworlders. I like my Dark Eldar, but I can't decide on a force and I would have to paint to much. I feel I have to try and represent. I am really looking forward to The Test Of Khaine and Adepticon. I hope to see you all at both.

Until then................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!