Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Teaser: GW Incomming!

So GW released some not so great, I saw big foot or nessy style photos of two of the Dark Eldar models they have on deck.  From what I can tell it looks like a Grotesque and A Talos / Chronos Pain engine.  The former is rumored to be a metal model and the later a plastic kit that will make either a Talos or a Chronos Parasite Engine.
I use t like metal models, but as time has gone on I wish everything was plastic now.  I can see the price tag on the Grotesques being just that Grotesque and I would imagine the Talos to be in the high 40's.  I guess we will find out when they are released.  Personally I want Wracks and Flyers, but me thinks we have 3 to 4 months before we see those bad boys. 
In other news I got a game in with Inquisitor Vogrin and the new Grey Knights codex.  It was not pretty.  I will have a post all about fighting these guys later in the week.  Needless to say they have one big and very exploitable flaw.  I plan on exploiting it on Wednesday.  The Dark Kin want a crack at the knights.

SO until then..........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Three months, the email says they will be released in June.

  2. based on the designs of the other models out so far the top pick is a helmet