Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Test Of Khaine: The Aftermath

Well the dust has settled and the guns have gone silent.  The Test Of Khaine is over and what a tournament.  I really want to thank Dark Future Games, MI40K and The 40K Fight club chapter of Lansing The Legio Sparticus for plugging the tournament.  we had 16 tables and 32 players fighting for the top prize.  I had to limit the amount of player to 32 because we ran out of tables.

The tournament went pretty smooth for being the largest one Evolution Games has hosted to date.  There were some hiccups though  and I appreciate all the input form the players and the tournament veterans.  More planning, more play testing and more space for the next one. It was a real learning Experience.  So on to the victors.

the winners are......

1st Mike Couchard (orks)

2nd Steve Krohn aka "Lord Solar Steve" of DFG ( Imperial Guard)

3rd  Bill Kim (Daemons)

4th Eric Gibbs (Blood Angels)

Lord Solar Steve also took home the Disciple of Khaine award for most VP's..  Bob Murphy beat out the competition in the Painting portion with his  Eldar Warhost.  I will have picks as soon as Death Bringer emails them to me.  Congrats to the winners and I look forward to my next tourney.  I think the Cult of Strife may have to have a tournament this summer.

Next time I hope to have some reviews for the new Forgeworld Eldar and possibly an update on my Adepticon Progress

Until then................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. A well run tournament if i may say so myself. I am happy to have been part of it!

  2. I'm bummed I couldn't make it. Darn family commitments.