Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aspects of Khaine 2.0 pt 2: Striking Scorpions

Call me crazy but it seems like every last Eldar player on the planet plays the army differently. When you try
a list made by another player its like its a foreign language. This is especially true when said list is in opposition of your style of play. Everybody has a favorite unit and pretty much every player I have ever talked to has a favorite Aspect Warrior. For our second part of the New Aspects Of Khaine I now visit upon my favorite Aspect. The children of Arhra, now the Disciples of Karandras. I speak of course about the Striking Scorpions.

6th edition has been kind to my favorite hunters in the shadows. No longer are they really hampered by not being fleet. Granted the re roll is nice, but its not needed, especially when the Scorpions excel in assaulting dug in troops. With fortifications now in the game, having shock troops that can root out the units that occupy them is very handy indeed.

The scorpions have move through cover, as long as the Exarch takes the stalker power, so you can easily get within striking distance of units in cover. They of course have plasma grenades so you can cut down your opponents at normal initiative. The fleet is nice when assaulting through cover, but I can live without it for the moment. I am hoping with the new codex the Scorpions will gain fleet, much like their sinister cousins the Incubi did when the new Dark Eldar Codex came out.

In truth not a whole lot changed with the unit per say. They are still close assault specialists that can move swiftly across the battlefield. Its just they got even more specialized. At least for now, as I said they are great for getting units in cover, behind or in fortifications.

The Exarchs weapon choices did gain some flexibility. I use the power claw, but I tend to use the Biting Blade more, especially now that you can glance vehicles to death. Given that vehicles are easier to hit you can max out at strength 7 pretty easily with the Biting Blade. This is slightly better than the strength 6 power claw, at least versus vehicles. The often forgotten 3rd weapon option for the Exarch may actually be semi useful now if the Exarch is geared towards taking out characters in challenges. With 6 attacks on the charge you have more of a chance to wound opponents.

Karandras, like all the Phoenix Lords, makes an excellent addition to a striking Scorpion squad, but using them in regular squads adds some nice tricks thanks to many universal special rules applying to the whole unit as long as one model posses it. In this case Karandras has Stealth. Although the Exarch powers only apply to the appropriate Aspect squad the 3rd rule that many the Phoenix Lords have is usually just your basic universal special rule. As long as one model has the rule, like stealth, it applies to the whole unit. So Guardians with the Conceal power now have a 4+ cover save out in the open with Karandras in the unit or a 3+ behind a defense line.

I honestly wish I had more to talk about. I use to own 30 scorpions, but now I am down to 20. They are usually in my signature lists. Hell my blog Handle has had Karandras in it since 1993. Well we ar getting very close to Adepticon. I am prepping the Craftworlders to do battle. I couldn't make the Chaos Marines do what I wanted them to do. On the plus hand side I did hand them over to Lord Solar Steve. He has finally been corrupted!

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Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Test Of Khaine: Links And Other News

Well its been an eventful week. DFG is going back to its roots. Lord Solar Steve and Dread Beard, formerly Samsquatch Monster, have started a general gaming blog, I got demoted at work and I discovered I am two classes away from my Bachelors degree.

I am diligently working on our next Aspect of Khaine article. I hope to have it up this weekend. I wanted to post the Links to all the relevant rules and guidelines as well as missions for the Test Of Khaine which is coming up on April 13th at Evolution Games in Lansing.

Adepticon FAQ

Adepticon Missions

Adepticon Event Rules

Evolution games Address
6323 W Saginaw Hwy  Lansing, MI 48917
(517) 323-8600

Evolution games FB

I will be updating things over the next few weeks. I would like to point out I am using only 3 of the missions from the primer as the tournament is a 3 round tournament.

As a last shout out I would like to plug the Lord Solar and Dread Beards new blog “Gaming, Beer and Bullshit” Look for stuff from all over the place. 40K, Rifts, Firestorm Armada and basically anything our group plays or drinks for that matter.

I also want to wish Tj, the man formerly known as Old School Terminator, good luck as he heads out for a 2 day GT event at Drop zone Games in Glenn Burnie Maryland. Good Luck sir!

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Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Test Of Khaine

  The Infinity Circuit is burning with Rage. The Avatar Stirs. The Test Of Khaine is upon us.....

Wow has it been 3 years already? Time flies. Well as I have done for the past two years we will be celebrating Craftworld Lansing’s 3rd Birthday on April 13th with our annual tournament “The Test Of Khaine.

This will be an Adepticon Rules 1850 point tournament. It will be 3 rounds. As always the Event will be hosted by Evolution Games in Lansing. I am starting registration at 10 am and Dice will roll at 11. I will be posting details and missions in the next two weeks. I will post links for those not familiar with the Adepticon format. I think it will be a good trial run for those going as this will be the first GT at Adepticon using the 6th edition rules.

So prepare yourself and bring your warriors to battle. Mike Couchard aka “General Chaos” has proven his worth to Khaine for the past 2 years. DO you have the will, strength and cunning to overcome the odds and gain Khaines Favor?

Keep your eyes here and Dark Future Games for the Details over the next month.

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