Friday, May 30, 2014

Firestorm Armada: War Log 3724 Commentary

There is an great thread going in the Spartan Games Community currently. It is called War Log 3724. You have to be signed into the forums to see it, but we will be covering it here as well. Though, if you have any interest in Firestorm Armada, I encourage you to sign up for the forums.
How to Read the War Log Board: The 487 for the Alliance of Kurak is the total amount of Battle Log points added together from all battles, and the 5.53 below it is the average Battle Log earned per battle across all games reported. The Zenian total is to the right of it. Below the overall totals are the faction breakdowns, read left to right, [Name of faction, Faction total Battle Log, Games Played, and average Battle Log per game. This breakdown repeats for all of the factions.

The War Log works like this, as games are played throughout the world, the results are posted in a special thread on the forum, then tabulated into a massive spreadsheet. The goal is to see how all of the factions are doing in a specific manner and wage a worldwide, international campaign between the Zenian League and the Alliance of Kurak. The War Log is updated periodically, but only games that were standard book missions and battles between the Zenian League and the Kurak Alliance are shown. Zenian vs Zenian and Kurak vs Kurak are still noted and will appear as data in the end of the year report (January 2015). This War Log began in January 2014 when the new Version 2.0 Firestorm rules came out. Firestorm Armada uses a Battle Log game mechanic to decide the victor of each battle. As the game progresses, your Battle Log will be raised or lowered depending on what is happening on the battlefield. The higher the number the better.

This post is going to discuss the War Log between April 1st, 2014 to May 19th, 2014 and so will be longer than future ones. As new updates become available, the posts will cover the new board updates only.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tutorial: Making a Gaming Board for Spaceships!

Example of a pretty NASA photo and kind of what
we are going for with these boards.
Making a new board to play your war game of choice on is usually a fun experience. It gets a bit tricky in the planning stages when you attempt a completely new style or genre though. I'm no stranger to making grassy fields, hills, ruins, etc. However, when it came time to make a board that looked like "space", some Internet research needed to be done as I had no experience in the matter. Firestorm Armada was taking off in popularity at the store, and it was time to upgrade from black fabric and make some legitimate boards to play on.

After reading a number of articles, tutorials, and examples of what had been done before, I was a little disappointed. I was really looking for an "easy button" step-by-step that was both cheap and looked good. Thankfully, nearly all the places I researched had a gem or two of information, and when combined, actually had all the parts we needed to get this project done. So far, we have made six of these boards for our FLGS, Evolution Games, and they are all a bit different and universally well received. The following is a run down of how to make one.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ships Of The Rense pt 2: The Siren / Harpy Escort

SeerK here to kick off the new look for the blog. The Waygate is official and will be bringing you coverage of Firestorm Armada, Planetfall, War Machine and Hordes and any of the other war games the authors currently play. We will be continuing with hobby and strategy articles as well and a little something new I like to call “Fluff Fridays”, where I begin to expand the Firestorm Armada universe for some narrative play and give a little background to our impending Firestorm Armada campaign.

Before all that though, I am continuing a series I started almost 2 months ago. The Ships of the Rense Navy. We continue by finishing off the Rense System Navy Tier 3 ships and starting with our Tier 2 ships. Last time we went over the Bulwark/Hellion Frigate. The workhorse of the fleet and vigilant guardians of Dramos. Today we are going to talk about the the all seeing eyes of the Federation. The watchers of watchers. The Siren/Harpy Escort. We then move into Tier two with the backbone of the Rense Navy, the Spook/Shrike Cruiser.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The End Of An Era: 40K Is Dead

Well Dreadbeard, Spellduckwrong and Myself are hard at work giving the blog a face lift.  We are changing
gear completely.  40K has gone in a direction we are not happy with.  Although we are still holding onto our armies, 40K is now dead in our FLGS.  So if you have been tuning in for 40K coverage is it going to be sparse at best from here on in.  Coverage of War Machine and Hordes will be on the rise, as well as other games.  First and foremost though we will be covering Firestorm Armada.

That said the name of the blog will also be changing.  No longer will we be known as Craftworld Lansing.  When the overhaul is done "The Waygate" shall be left in is place.

So I say goodbye to 40K and GW once again.  In your quest to expand your business you have alienated many of your long time players, hobbyists and biggest supporters.  Despite your status as the makers of the  "Rolls Royce" of miniatures your obvious money grabbing at the expense of a decent game has me and many other fed up.  40K is no longer fun for me.  I will still hobby and paint, but I will not buy any of your products from here on in.  Your practices and excuses that you "are only a miniature company" when faced with criticism about your rules is tired and a cop out.

I invite everybody to still follow and read the blog even if 40K is your only game.  Its good to know what else is out there.  If you part ways with us, thanks for reading.  We appreciate our followers and readers and you guys are why we do this.  Sometimes when you love something you have to it go.  I have been a 40K player and hobbyist for over 20 years.  I left once and it was not because of the game, but rather the hypocrisy of GW when I was let go in 2000 from the company.  Now I leave because of the game and the companies attitude.  We now start a new path and don the mantels of Field Marshals and Admirals.

May Cegorach guide your path and Khaine bless your sword. and for the last time.

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!