Friday, May 30, 2014

Firestorm Armada: War Log 3724 Commentary

There is an great thread going in the Spartan Games Community currently. It is called War Log 3724. You have to be signed into the forums to see it, but we will be covering it here as well. Though, if you have any interest in Firestorm Armada, I encourage you to sign up for the forums.
How to Read the War Log Board: The 487 for the Alliance of Kurak is the total amount of Battle Log points added together from all battles, and the 5.53 below it is the average Battle Log earned per battle across all games reported. The Zenian total is to the right of it. Below the overall totals are the faction breakdowns, read left to right, [Name of faction, Faction total Battle Log, Games Played, and average Battle Log per game. This breakdown repeats for all of the factions.

The War Log works like this, as games are played throughout the world, the results are posted in a special thread on the forum, then tabulated into a massive spreadsheet. The goal is to see how all of the factions are doing in a specific manner and wage a worldwide, international campaign between the Zenian League and the Alliance of Kurak. The War Log is updated periodically, but only games that were standard book missions and battles between the Zenian League and the Kurak Alliance are shown. Zenian vs Zenian and Kurak vs Kurak are still noted and will appear as data in the end of the year report (January 2015). This War Log began in January 2014 when the new Version 2.0 Firestorm rules came out. Firestorm Armada uses a Battle Log game mechanic to decide the victor of each battle. As the game progresses, your Battle Log will be raised or lowered depending on what is happening on the battlefield. The higher the number the better.

This post is going to discuss the War Log between April 1st, 2014 to May 19th, 2014 and so will be longer than future ones. As new updates become available, the posts will cover the new board updates only.

1 April 2014
After the 1April update, the Alliance of Kurak was winning by 46 points, as noted above. Terrans were scoring the most points overall and per game. Their allies the Aquans were right behind them. On the Zenian side, the Dindrenzi were holding their own but still trailing the top two Kurak races and the Directorate had a decent showing.

11 April 2014
Fast forward ten days. The Zenian League decides that enough is enough and to take off the kid gloves. They go from trailing by 46 points to leading by 75 points. The Dindrenzi shoot up to be the Battle Log leader of any individual race. Terrans and Aquans hold at about the same Battle Log totals. With Terrans still holding the top spot for best average points per game.

16 April 2014
Zenian dominance continues with a 77 point lead over Kurak. Dindrenzi continue to climb and the Aquans shoot up 42 points in only a few days. Sorylians continue a slow decline, and the Directorate maintain steady slow growth.

28 April 2014
The total Battle Log lead enjoyed by the Zenian League hits an all-time high with a points advantage of 154. Solid growth among the Zenian races, all of which hit triple digits. Relthoza actually take the top slot for average points per game with 6.9.
Sorylians however, hit an all-time low. Dropping into single digits with 8 total net Battle log over the course of 27 games, that's 46 points behind the next highest Kurak race and 226 points behind their faction leader. On average, the poor space lizards have scored less than a third of a point per game played. Ouch.

12 May 2014
Two weeks and 28 games later, the gap is closed a bit by Kurak. Trailing now by only 108 points. Terrans jump up threatening the Dindrenzi for top scorer and Relthoza hold onto their title of highest average points.
 And look at the Sorylians! They rose up from single digits. Most of these points were from The Waygate's own BigMek SkrapKlaw after a glorious showing at the Cassial Conflict tournament.

19 May 2014

At the time of this post, this is the most recent War Log 3724 board. The Terrans have made a comeback to rise to the top of the pecking order for total Battle Log scored by any individual race and their allies the Aquans hold the number two position for Battle Log and the number one slot for average points per game. Sorylians take a breather with no new games reported that week.

We end this report with the Zenian League still winning by 61 points. The Alliance of Kurak has been working hard to close that 154 point gap from the end of April.

Given the excellent performance by the Terrans and Aquans, if the Sorylians can keep climbing, that means real trouble for the Zenian League. The game just had some stat tweaking recently with the new release of the Fleet Manuals, so we shall see if that starts changing the balance.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the war as they become available.


  1. I need to log my game with the BigMek from Wednesday. It was a booster without being a detriment for the Sorylians.

    1. Yes you do, more data is needed! I have been noticing that the Sorylians seem to be slowly climbing rather than slowly sliding, at least that is what it looks like from the uncounted games that will be put into the next War Log board update.