Sunday, June 1, 2014

Michigan Firestorm Tournament: The Assault on Anseris

In just seven days time, the Admirals will learn of the mysteries of the Anseris system.

The Assault on Anseris will be held on Sunday, June 8th.

Doors open at 11am and dice roll at noon.

$10 Entry Fee. 100% prize pool payout (and likely more since Evolution Games is cool like that).

Evolution Games
6323 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing Charter Township, MI, USA
(517) 323-8600

Points: 850 (Normal Battle Fleet restrictions apply)
Three rounds
Battle Log scores used to determine pairings and winner.

Round 1: Escalating Engagement
Round 2: Border Clash
Round 3: Secure the Outpost (Event Specific Scenario)

Painted models are encouraged but not required.

Players may bring two different lists and choose which to use before each round, both lists must have the same primary faction.
Players need to bring at least two copies of each list. One to turn in at registration and one for use during the round.

All models must be the actual models if they exist. Proxies must be pre-approved.


The Anseris system is somewhat of a mystery. Debris and a nebula-like cloud of gas and dust encase the system, making long range scans mostly futile other than to identify its boundaries. Anseris has been largely ignored to this point due to a near lack of strategic value because of its positioning on the galactic war maps. However, a recent civilian probe attempted to pierce the cloud and detected a massive power source within the system of which its energy readings were of an unknown pattern. Shortly before contact was lost with the probe, its sensors indicated that the interior of the system was more or less normal and safe for space flight, and therefore combat operations, if necessary.

You have been tasked, Admiral, to guide a fleet through the veil and secure this power source. Unfortunately, intelligence reports have confirmed that you will not be alone in your search, the enemy has also dispatched forces to Anseris. 

Good luck.

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