Saturday, June 7, 2014

Firestorm Armada: Cassial Conflict Event Pictures!

Dreadbeard's Terran Cruisers.

My point and shoot camera had gone MIA for awhile but now I have found it. We have the Assault on Anseris starting in about 12 hours, but I  figured I would post up some shots of our last tournament the Cassial Sector Conflict. I will also be posting the results up to this blog tomorrow, and possibly some round summaries in addition to posting the War Reports to the Spartan Games Community War Log thread.

Enjoy! (Pic Heavy)

Rense Navy Battleship with some heavy damage.

Aquans vs. Dindrenzi.

Works Raptor bringing the pain to some Aquan Cruisers.

Directorate swarm fleet moving out!

Terrans getting into position.

Those! Those must die!

As bad of a set up against Dindrenzi as this was, BigMek SkrapKlaw won with Sorylians 8 to -10!

Hawker ships are engaged by the Ba'kash!!

Well, that is all for now, I will post up more pictures of tomorrow's event in the near future.


  1. Austin really did mess up everybodys day with the Ba'Kash