Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Firestorm Armada: War Log 3724 Update!

Our coverage of the war continues with the recent update to the War Log from 3 June, 2014. 

After 171 games counted, the Zenian League continues to lay the galactic smackdown on the Alliance of Kurak. What had been a gradual closing of the points gap by the Kurak forces has turned I to a widening of the margin for the Zenian side. The points gap sits at the Zenian League leading by an even 120 Battle Log points. That has got to sting!

Dindrenzi take the the top spot of most Battle Log earned by an individual faction with the Aquans maintaining their hold on the number two position. Terrans drop from first place down to third. And in an impressive showing, the Zenian League alliance forces jump to fourth place. Probably due to the seemingly recent increase in popularity for the Rense System Navy. 

The always controversial Sorylians gain a net two points of Battle Log over their six games since the last update, and their points per game drop slightly. Some may be disappointed in their performance, but looking on the bright side, they are increasing their score, albeit at a painfully mediocre rate!

The top earning faction for average points per game switches from the Aquans to the Zenian League alliance forces, sporting a solid 6.61 Battle Log points per game. Looks like they are really smashing some face out there.

Will the Kurak forces be able to turn this around? Or are we seeing the beginning of a new trend where the Zenian forces continue to widen this gap, eventually pulling so far ahead that even the best Kurak admirals have little hope of regaining control?

Only time will tell.

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