Sunday, June 8, 2014

Firestorm Armada: Assault on Anseris Pictures!

Even though turnout was a bit low for this one (many outside factors all conspired together today) we did have a decent showing. There were some great games played today, and I thank all the players that attended. All this helps to build our gaming community.

The Anseris System is now firmly in the control of the Zenian League. 

First Place: SMD_Vogrin with Directorate
Second Place: DemoMaster with Sorylians
Third Place: Gene with Dindrenzi

Congratulations to the winners, and we shall see if your luck holds next month.

The following are some pictures from the day's event. Enjoy!

Rense System Navy Heavy Cruisers on the prowl.

The Relthoza have engaged the Terrans.

The Relthoza swarm fleet prepares to strike.

This lone Terran Frigate managed to attack FIVE different ships in one activation! That ship's captain should get a medal, but it will probably have to be a posthumous one.

Sorylian Battleship and Heavy Cruisers smash into the Aquan line on Turn 2. That's how you wreck shop.

Through masterful maneuvering, the RSN Battleship managed to line up a straight shot at that Terran Shield Cruiser. A millimeter off, and the Planetoid would have blocked it. Thank you, laser level.
Sorylians moving around a Planetoid. They proceeded to triple crit two different Directorate R&D Cruisers.

Hope you enjoyed the visual walk through from some of our games. Please check back soon for more Firestorm articles, and next month, more tournament pictures as we perfect our plans for UCON in November.


  1. Well Played. I am wondering how people are playing the Sorylians on the interwebs. Our local guys seem to be able to do decently.

    1. Due to the increased level of complaining about them, there seems to be renewed vigor within the forums to figure out how to be successful with them. Mister Second Place up there said he brought Sorylians instead of Ba'Kash to see "how bad they were". Obviously, they are terrible. He only took second. :)

  2. Yeah they are horrible. I may have to take a look at them real close and see how they are. I should have a Kurak fleet I guess......despite the Relthoza calling to me.