Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adepticon 2012: The Aftermath

Farseer Re-Rolls and I at The Tilted Kilt
Well I am semi recovered from the weekend. Adepticon 2012 was a blast. The Battle Force contest was a rousing success. Congratulations to Mark D from the Ohio Hammer Podcast for taking home the top prize. Apparently he was dead set on killing Rhellion as he was fighting it out in most of the major fantasy events. We had 326 entries which was more than double last year. Mother of God did we get hammered.

I also got to sit down and chat with Mr. Paulson himself. We chatted about the legal woes of being a 3rd party miniature maker. He eluded to some new stuff coming out in the near future. Including a line of skull bots hailing from the land of Rifts. I also saw A nice conversion of a Talos which The Mad Trucker picked up.
Talos Arm Conversion.  The arms may look familiar to some.

We did some partying as well as played a ton of 40K. I got to sit down with the development Manager of Privateer Press, D.C. and have a nice chat while were having some drinks in one of the DFG rooms. He had been wrangled into escorting the lovely Anna form the Cool Mini Or Not booth to our little room shindig. Hey if I was a woman I would have too if a bunch of DFG guys invited me to a room party. I was convinced into giving Warmachine another try. Well no war machine proper, rather convinced I might like Hordes better. So I have a Circle Of Orobos box to give it another go.

We waited in Line for pre reg for 3 hours
I also picked up a Wraith Seer as well as a coveted Forgeworld Avatar. Look for some project updates soon as it would seem the painting bug has finally bit again. That and me giving an Oath Of Moment to OST to do it. Samsquatch Monster has also laid down the “KP a week” challenge. SO basically we have to churn out a Kill Point a week. I look forward to the challenge and running a campaign this summer against his Elysian's. He finally decided to pick up the army. SO we will be running the IA 11 campaign this summer.

I am feeling very inspired. Especially after witnessing Wolfson beat CVintons Necrons over the weekend. He is an old school Eldar player like myself and it was nice meeting him for the first time. OST has talked about him a lot.

I also want to give a shout to a local player you may know. Bill Kim, aka Centurian99 on Daka Daka, made it to the top 16 of the GT. Nicely done sir.

Well enjoy the candid pics from around the convention.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Adepticon 2012: Continuing Coverage

Well Team Death Star did about as well as its namesake did in Star Wars.  We went 3 games until we decided to withdraw and enjoy the rest of the night.  So I bring you a couple pics from the Team Tournament.

One of my favorite Displays was done by a team called " The Cult of Charlie Sheen". It was a All Slaaneshi Daemon Army.  I really liked the mix of Fluff and the internets favorite cocaine powered meme.
This Keeper of Secrets was a favorite of mine.  I really like the Tongue in cheek nature of all the teams names and army themes.

I really liked this Dark Eldar force

Finally we see one of Team Death Stars only real decisive victory.  Lord Solar Steve and I took on one half of The BandHa Brothers.  The Henchmen and Blood Angels Combo had us worried until the Death Strike Missile went off and the army came into plasma cannon range.

So far its been a blast and we still have tonight and tomorrow left.  OST will have a ton more pictures up over at Dark Future Games so go check them out.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Adepticon 2012: Semi Live From The Front

Well I am comming to you live from the Westin Lombards 18th floor in the Excutive Lounge.  Adepticon so far has been pretty good.  The line organization and registration was chaos and I am pissed they ran out of tshirts in my size, but other than that its good times.  I just wanted to post some pictures of some of my favorites from the GT which is going on as we speak.  Sadly nobody from Craftworld Lansing or Dark Future Games in in the GT, but Team Death star, Myself, The Judge. Lord Solar Steve and Samsquatch Monster, will be representing Lansing in the team tournament.  Bill Kim will be representing Lansing and the local chapter of the 40K Fight Club In the GT.  I have played his Daemons before and he is a monster of an opponent.  OST spoke to him earlier and judging from his one word responses to questions his head is in the game and is all business.

So here are some picks.
Here is an Avatar from a very well painted Eldar army in the GT.  I was pleasantly pleased to see so many Eldar and Dark Eldar armies in the GT.  The dreaded Necrons are also well represented.  I was surprised to see a rather large Number of Tau Players as well.

This Team Tourney Display representing a section of The dark city of Corrmoragh is pretty decently executed. I love the size and the concept.

I really liked this Eldar army.  The Models Were very well painted and I love the multi tier display board. The owner expressed his dismay at how hard it is to carry around when its in the state as it transports flat.

Well There are a couple of my favorites so far.  I have a ton of pics that I will post later.  OST has posted a bunch over at Dark Future Games from the Gt so go check out the pics.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Adepticon 2012: WE RIDE!!!

Well its 2 days before Adepticon and I am a third of the way through my 30 hour work week.  Yup 31 hours in 3 days.  Why you ask.  Because I love Adepticon and I need a freakin vacation.  I will be playing in the Team tournament with Lord Solar Steve, The Judge and Samsquatch Monster from Dark Future Games.

Ale Old School Terminator has once again decreed that the DFG "buy us a drink and win a battle force" contest is happening once again at Adepticon.  here are the rules

The official rules of the Adepticon Battle Force Contest: 

If you purchase a drink (we prefer alcohol, but regular drinks are welcome) for a member of the Dark Future Games Staff wearing a shirt with the image above, you will earn an entry in our raffle for a battle force of the winners choosing (or an equal value in GW merch - current stuff only).

There is no limit to the amount of times a person can enter. (yes, you can buy us a case of beer too and receive an entry for each one!)

A member of DFG may not refuse the drink and must enter your name. If he is taking part in an event, he may pass the drink to a member who is not playing.

Will will choose the winner the Monday following Adepticon and mail out the prize as soon as we get our hands on what the winner wants!



I will also add that if anybody is wearing a Craftworld Lansing shirt, me, that entries will also be counted. We will be doing semi live coverage from both Dark Future Games and Craftworld Lansing the whole weekend.


well I must now catch some shut eye and get the last 2 models painted for the team tournament.  See you all at the Westin Lombard for Adepticon 2012.


Until then................


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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The 2nd Test Of Khaine: Results

Well the Test Of Khaine is over and it was a bloody battle. I have to apologize though for the third mission. Apparently I need to farm out mission number 3 from now on as it would seem it never works the way I want it to. I needed to put more restrictions on it. Mission development for next year starts now.

Well I think the tournament went well. There were way less hiccups than last year. I did not have the record attendance I had last year but a total of 18 warriors tested their mettle in the Test Of Khaine. I am rambling though. The winners of the 2nd Test Of Khaine are

1st Mike Cochard aka “General Chaos”(Orks)

2nd. Josh Lamie (Tau)

3rd Austin Proux (Chaos Marines)

4th Matt Johnson aka “BigMek SkrapKlaw” (Orks)

Chris Vinton aka CVinton of DFG took home the best in show for his wonderfully painted Space Wolves army.  So for the second year in a row General Chaos and his Orcs prove that orcs is the biggest and da strongest. 

Congrats to the winners. Now I must clean up the house. The Birthday party thrown for me last night has laid waste to it.

Until next time...............

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Test Of Khaine: Missions

Well its that time again. To celebrate Craftworld Lansing's 2nd birthday I bring you the 2nd Test Of Khaine Tournament on April 14th at Evolution Games. This is an 1850 pt tournament. Painted armies are encouraged but not required. Standard force org is being used with no Forge World rules allowed. Models are if they are being used instead of standard GW models. So I present to you the missions sans the fluff so you can prepare your army. Primary Objectives are worth 30 battle points, secondary Objectives are worth 15 points and Tertiary Objectives are worth 10 points. Games are 5 turns with standard random game length rules in effect.

Mission 1: Strength
Deployment: Pitched Battle

Primary Objective: Kill Points
Secondary Objective: Place a single objective in the center of the table. Only an HQ unit can hold this objective. It must be within 3 inches and no other enemy unit can be within 3 inches to claim this objective
Tertiary Objective: Have more units in your enemies deployment zone than he does at the end of the game.

Mission 2: Cunning
Deployment: Dawn Of War

Primary Objective: Choose an enemy unit. This must be an Elite, Heavy or Fast Attack choice. This unit is of special interest to the Seers and has been chosen for elimination. Destroy the unit to achieve this objective.
Secondary Objective: Both players designate an army leader. This is the highest points cost HQ unit in the army. The leader must be eliminated with haste to prevent a great catastrophe. He is a cunning opponent so be wary. Eliminate this Leader to secure this objective.
Tertiary Objective: You must lure the enemy away and claim quarters of the battle field. You must have no enemy units within the table quarter to claim it with a troop choice to win this objective.

Mission 3: Speed
Deployment: Spear Head
Primary Objective: Place a single objective in the center of the table in the no mans land. This objective is a valuable piece of tech that must not fall into the enemies hands. Any Unit, excluding vehicles, may “pick” up this objective and try to carry it off the table from your table edge. You pick up this objective by moving within 1 inch of it. You must exit vehicles to pick up the objective.  You must carry it off the table to claim this objective. This unit does not count towards kill points.
Secondary Objective: Randomly place d3+2 objectives as per the take & hold rules in the 40K rulebook.
Tertiary Objective: Kill points

Well there you go. The missions for the Test Of Khaine. If you have any feedback or notice anything please let me know so I can make corrections. Registration will start at 10:30 at Evolution games, 6323 West Saginaw Highway Lansing, MI 48917 (517) 323-8600, and dice will drop at 11:30. The Entry fee is $10.00. Get there early as this tournament filled up fast last year and I had to cap it at 32 players. I am planning for more just in case this year. So See you there

Happy Birthday to Craftworld Lansing and Happy Birthday to me as well. I turn 33 on the 14th as well.

Until then.........


Friday, April 6, 2012

Taste The Rainbow: Citadels New Paint Line

Well I found myself at the FLGS today while taking a break from homework and putting the finishing touches on the missions for the Test Of Khaine, Which will be up tomorrow on here and Dark Future Games. Remember the Tournament is next weekend, April 14th, at Evolution Games in Lansing Michigan.  I will have the address, missions and details tomorrow.

I digress though.  While at the FLGS i saw Farseer Re-Rolls unpacking a brand new GW paint rack with 2 boxes full of the new paint line.  Of course I volunteered to help set it all up just so I could get a look at all the new paints and goodies.  Samsquatch Monster of DFG was also on hand to unload the cargo.

First off there are a lot more paints.  Also not a single color bears a name form the previous line.  The line is broken down into bases, layers, dry, textures and shades.  I am actually watching Samsquatch Monster use the new shades on his Thunderwolf Calvary he is doing for the Adepticon Team Tournament and I have to say I like them.  The shade is a wash basically and it is very watery but has heavier pigments in it from the looks of things.  It fills but does not loose its shading ability.

The Bases and Layers seem to be about the same as before, but with a much larger palette.  I am interested to see how they work in an airbrush.  I have a mix that is pretty good using the old paints, but it remains to be seen how well they take to the airbrush.  I am really interested in the Textures and Glazes that have made their way back into the line.  Actual inks and Glazes have not been in the citadel paint line since the early 90's.  Making a comeback, speaking of old GW, is the favorite color Tentacle Pink, which is a drybrush color called Changeling Pink.  I am kind of disappointed its not a layer or base, but I will be experimenting.

I think the texture colors are meant for bases, but I need to really start picking up some of these new paints to experiment.  They even included a medium for mixing in the line.  I have to say I am pretty impressed so far with the presentation.  we will see how well the new line holds up under scrutiny though.

Next post I will have missions for the Test Of Khaine.  Also I just realized its Craftworlds 2nd birthday.  I think its fitting then the tournament celebrating the birthday of the blog is actually being held on my actual birthday.
So cake and presents may get you some bonus points.

Until Next time.............

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