Friday, April 6, 2012

Taste The Rainbow: Citadels New Paint Line

Well I found myself at the FLGS today while taking a break from homework and putting the finishing touches on the missions for the Test Of Khaine, Which will be up tomorrow on here and Dark Future Games. Remember the Tournament is next weekend, April 14th, at Evolution Games in Lansing Michigan.  I will have the address, missions and details tomorrow.

I digress though.  While at the FLGS i saw Farseer Re-Rolls unpacking a brand new GW paint rack with 2 boxes full of the new paint line.  Of course I volunteered to help set it all up just so I could get a look at all the new paints and goodies.  Samsquatch Monster of DFG was also on hand to unload the cargo.

First off there are a lot more paints.  Also not a single color bears a name form the previous line.  The line is broken down into bases, layers, dry, textures and shades.  I am actually watching Samsquatch Monster use the new shades on his Thunderwolf Calvary he is doing for the Adepticon Team Tournament and I have to say I like them.  The shade is a wash basically and it is very watery but has heavier pigments in it from the looks of things.  It fills but does not loose its shading ability.

The Bases and Layers seem to be about the same as before, but with a much larger palette.  I am interested to see how they work in an airbrush.  I have a mix that is pretty good using the old paints, but it remains to be seen how well they take to the airbrush.  I am really interested in the Textures and Glazes that have made their way back into the line.  Actual inks and Glazes have not been in the citadel paint line since the early 90's.  Making a comeback, speaking of old GW, is the favorite color Tentacle Pink, which is a drybrush color called Changeling Pink.  I am kind of disappointed its not a layer or base, but I will be experimenting.

I think the texture colors are meant for bases, but I need to really start picking up some of these new paints to experiment.  They even included a medium for mixing in the line.  I have to say I am pretty impressed so far with the presentation.  we will see how well the new line holds up under scrutiny though.

Next post I will have missions for the Test Of Khaine.  Also I just realized its Craftworlds 2nd birthday.  I think its fitting then the tournament celebrating the birthday of the blog is actually being held on my actual birthday.
So cake and presents may get you some bonus points.

Until Next time.............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm just happy they put out a larger range of foundations. oh, and a foundation white?! Mana from the heavens!

  2. Yeah I was glad to see a base white again that looks decent.

    Some of the layering colors are pretty nice too. I am not to sure about the consistency of the dry brush paint, but we will see how it works. Its basically toothpaste.