Friday, April 20, 2012

Adepticon 2012: Semi Live From The Front

Well I am comming to you live from the Westin Lombards 18th floor in the Excutive Lounge.  Adepticon so far has been pretty good.  The line organization and registration was chaos and I am pissed they ran out of tshirts in my size, but other than that its good times.  I just wanted to post some pictures of some of my favorites from the GT which is going on as we speak.  Sadly nobody from Craftworld Lansing or Dark Future Games in in the GT, but Team Death star, Myself, The Judge. Lord Solar Steve and Samsquatch Monster, will be representing Lansing in the team tournament.  Bill Kim will be representing Lansing and the local chapter of the 40K Fight Club In the GT.  I have played his Daemons before and he is a monster of an opponent.  OST spoke to him earlier and judging from his one word responses to questions his head is in the game and is all business.

So here are some picks.
Here is an Avatar from a very well painted Eldar army in the GT.  I was pleasantly pleased to see so many Eldar and Dark Eldar armies in the GT.  The dreaded Necrons are also well represented.  I was surprised to see a rather large Number of Tau Players as well.

This Team Tourney Display representing a section of The dark city of Corrmoragh is pretty decently executed. I love the size and the concept.

I really liked this Eldar army.  The Models Were very well painted and I love the multi tier display board. The owner expressed his dismay at how hard it is to carry around when its in the state as it transports flat.

Well There are a couple of my favorites so far.  I have a ton of pics that I will post later.  OST has posted a bunch over at Dark Future Games from the Gt so go check out the pics.

Until Next time................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yup that display board is Testors from Waterloo ON canada. One of my regular gaming buds. It does look sweet :D