Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adepticon 2012: The Aftermath

Farseer Re-Rolls and I at The Tilted Kilt
Well I am semi recovered from the weekend. Adepticon 2012 was a blast. The Battle Force contest was a rousing success. Congratulations to Mark D from the Ohio Hammer Podcast for taking home the top prize. Apparently he was dead set on killing Rhellion as he was fighting it out in most of the major fantasy events. We had 326 entries which was more than double last year. Mother of God did we get hammered.

I also got to sit down and chat with Mr. Paulson himself. We chatted about the legal woes of being a 3rd party miniature maker. He eluded to some new stuff coming out in the near future. Including a line of skull bots hailing from the land of Rifts. I also saw A nice conversion of a Talos which The Mad Trucker picked up.
Talos Arm Conversion.  The arms may look familiar to some.

We did some partying as well as played a ton of 40K. I got to sit down with the development Manager of Privateer Press, D.C. and have a nice chat while were having some drinks in one of the DFG rooms. He had been wrangled into escorting the lovely Anna form the Cool Mini Or Not booth to our little room shindig. Hey if I was a woman I would have too if a bunch of DFG guys invited me to a room party. I was convinced into giving Warmachine another try. Well no war machine proper, rather convinced I might like Hordes better. So I have a Circle Of Orobos box to give it another go.

We waited in Line for pre reg for 3 hours
I also picked up a Wraith Seer as well as a coveted Forgeworld Avatar. Look for some project updates soon as it would seem the painting bug has finally bit again. That and me giving an Oath Of Moment to OST to do it. Samsquatch Monster has also laid down the “KP a week” challenge. SO basically we have to churn out a Kill Point a week. I look forward to the challenge and running a campaign this summer against his Elysian's. He finally decided to pick up the army. SO we will be running the IA 11 campaign this summer.

I am feeling very inspired. Especially after witnessing Wolfson beat CVintons Necrons over the weekend. He is an old school Eldar player like myself and it was nice meeting him for the first time. OST has talked about him a lot.

I also want to give a shout to a local player you may know. Bill Kim, aka Centurian99 on Daka Daka, made it to the top 16 of the GT. Nicely done sir.

Well enjoy the candid pics from around the convention.

Until Next time...................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. And I might have succeeded in killing Rhellion too if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

  2. Hehe well im glad i inspired you with a victory against vintons crons, however he had to concede defeat to go see the results of the crystal brush and the game could have still went either way. I wanted to thank you for letting me use some of your stuff to fill out my force and I would also love to join you guys on doing a kill point every week. The semester is just about done so i should have a lot more time for hobby. I had a blast hanging with everyone and i hope the harassment i was giving you was not taken seriously. I still wish we could have gotten that game in but alas the drinking rendered most of us incapacitated at times.

  3. How was the amount of terrain per board out there? Looked a little scarce from some of the pics.

  4. Well it looked as if you had 4 big pieces in the corners while you had one big one in the center. Terrain was a little sparse, but not to bad. it was very mech friendly though.

  5. Also no worries Wolfson. It was awesome finally meeting you as well. OST talked about you quit a bit. It was nice hangin with a fellow Eldar player.
    This is a shit talking group so its all good Brother