Sunday, February 3, 2019

Mitten Mayhem!

Hello all. After a long hiatus we have returned. This year we will focus on Infinity, Mantic games and some other small war games.  I will also have information about the Lasing groups upcoming Infinity Event.  Mitten Mayhem!  A 32 person 5 round Infinity ITS event. Lets look at the details of the midwest's latest Infinity Tournament.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Kurage Crisis Battle 2: Enter Haqq

Greetings all! the adventures of Agent 13 continue with my 2nd Kurage Crisis Campaign Battle.  I had to fix my last post as it would seemed I posted the wrong report in it.  SO my apologies.  IN fact if you read my first battle post, this one may seem familiar.  I would go back and read the first post again it has been fixed.  My second battle was against Haqqislam.  It was a close game and resulted in my first campaign victory.  Sadly we did not play in the Pan-Oc theater to help reinforce it.  Good old PanO is struggling to defend its territory.  We have our hands full. Lets join Agent 13 on site!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Kuragi Crisis Battle 1

Hello all.  I wanted to post my first battle report for the Kuragi Crisis Campaign.  It was a very rough game to say the least.  I decided to go the narrative route rather than do a blow by blow account of the battle.  I played George, AKA Spellduckwrong, and his U.S. Ariadna.  I was using my NeoTerrans.  We played in the Pan-OC Multibase, specifically the HAS area.  This was a modified version of the Decapitation mission.

Friday, June 29, 2018

It's Been a While... Time the Change Gears

Hey all.  It has been a while.  I have neglected the blog mostly because I did not know what to write about.  I have been wholly into Infinity and really have only been playing one other game, Aristeia. I have finally figured out what I am going to write about.  I am going to write about event and tournament organization mostly.  I teach two classes at Adepticon on the subject along with Neil and George. So I figure since I am limited on time in the class I can expand on the misc subjects we talk about in depth.

I will also be posting battle reports from the Kurage Crisis Infinity global campaign while it is going on.  look for posts on Sundays from here on out.  It won't be every Sunday, but I am shooting for twice a month.  Once I figure out the video making program the YouTube channel will finally be up and running as well.

So forgive the hiatus again.

Look for a post Sunday

Until then...

Remember Dramos! and as always


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Adepticon is Nigh! We Ride!

Greetings all!  Well we are only 5 days away from Adepticon 2018.  The guys and I are just about ready to go.  George and myself are finishing up all the painting we need to do for our events.  The Fireteam Duo models are done and in the Battle Foam bag, as are the TAG Rumble models.  I am down to the Aristeia team.  I finished the Spartan sScenic table today.  At least to an OK standard to use at Adepticon in the Infinity room.  I have to say I am pretty excited.  As I mentioned in my last entry this is the first time in 3 years I have been able to play.  It will be nice being able to just teach a couple classes, run a small Infinity event and hang out with my Infinity family.  There have been some recent developments as well....

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Overdron's, Xenodrons and Avatars oh my!

Greetings all.  Now that January is over and I have caught up on everything, except my painting, going into February, It is time to get in the groove of posting on a regular schedule.  I am shooting for every other Wednesday until I get up to speed.
Today I am going to be talking T.A.G's.  Tactical Armored Gears, for those unfamiliar with Infinity or new to the game.  T.A.G's are a dominating presence on the table and bring to bear some serious firepower on a very robust platform.  I am playing in the T.A.G. Rumble event at Adepticon this year. The premiere event for those with a love of Mecha and fighting robots. As I contemplated a list, I had to analyze and breakdown what I might be facing on the table.  This lead to some intensive research into the choices and abilities of each of my 3 factions T.A.G's. Lets take a look at the T.A.G. Rumble format and take a look at some T.A.G.'s

Monday, January 15, 2018

Back In The Saddle Again

Hello all.  SeerK here after a long hiatus and a rather busy holiday season.  Planning for 2018 has been in full swing.  The gang will be heading out to Adepticon in March.  I was hoping to be able to swing going to the Rumble on Route 66 in addition to going to Adepticon, but sadly its not in the budget.  I have a wedding to save up for.  That's right I am now engaged as of October.  This has put a bit of a kibosh on my convention travels.  I am attending Adepticon, Origins, Gencon, The Iowa Incident MK5, the Michigan GT and U-Conn Games Convention in 2018.  Still a decent amount, but not as many as I want to go to. I would love to do some more Dire States Infinity events as well as some more conventions on the east coast, near the west coast and down south.  These would namely be the NOVA Open, The Las Vegas Open and The aforementioned Rumble on Route 66.  There are several big Infinity Tournaments on the list as well. SO I left you kind of hanging in regards to Spartan Games stuff and Adepticon......