Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Spiders Everywhere! The Relthoza In Planetfall

Greetings all! SeerK here to talk Spiders.  I have had quite a few games with the Relthoza in Firestorm Planetfall now.  I wanted to start going in depth about the units and tactics with the army so far  I think the best way to do this is to go Helix by Helix and give a break down of the units.  I wanted to get a little ahead of the podcast so to speak.  We have covered the Dindrenzi and RSN in Firestorm Armada and we completed recording of our Terran Episode this past weekend.  We had a special Guest on to help us out.  Alex Mann of Mann's Model Moments lent his expertise.  You guys may also know him as Spartan Alex.  Lets delve into the Faction that has become near and dear to my heart. The Relthoza.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Firestorm System Wars Is Here

Just a quick update.  Origins was awesome and I am finally recovered from the week of working and gaming.  I am hard at work on some articles about the Relthoza and about my two new gaming vices, Malifaux and Infinity.

The big news though is from Spartan Games.  July 20th we will be getting Halo System Wars.  The 2 player starter box ships on the 20th.  I for one am looking forward to my shop getting this in so I can tear into it and see how the game runs.  The multi tier difficulty system they have developed for the game has me curious.

Also landing next month is the Planetary Invasion fleets for the 6 major races in Firestorm Armada.  Included in this box set is the phase one rules for Firestorm: System Wars.  The rules for integration of Armada and Planetfall are finally here and I am excited.  The invasion ships look awesome and from what I am told my Spiders are the best at landing troops.  What is real exciting though is this is only phase one.  I am hoping phase 2 involves Spec Ops.  I think the whole reason I am starting into Infinity is because I am finding myself in dire need of a sci fi 28 mm scale game that is not 40k.  Its even better that it is skirmish.  Spec Ops is really what I am waiting for.  It looks like we are one step closer.

Thats all for now.  Stay tuned to Firebase Delta. In the latest episode we have a very special guest.  I will also be posting a break down of the Relthoza on the ground in the coming weeks.

until then crush the Alliance and as always


Friday, June 5, 2015

Update From The Front: Origins 2015 So Far!

SeerK here almost live from Columbus Ohio.  I am here with 40kOrigins running war games and seeing the sights.  I have been learning and running a ton of Malifaux for the past couple of days. I have had the privilege of working with Kelly and Aaron at the Wyrd Miniatures booth running Intro to Malifaux sessions.

I have also got a glimpse at some of the new ships for the Drop Zone Commander space ship game currently in development by Hawk War games and GW legend Andy Chambers.  I thought I would post an update and show you some of the things I am seeing.  So here are some pictures from Origins 2015 so far.

40kOrigins Necromunda Table

Drop Fleet Commander Ships

The Wyrd Miniatures Booth

Whiskey Golem!!

Not sure what game it is, but it was big

Battle Tech Pods!

Giant Settlers of Catan board

Front of the Main hall

Battle of Hoth

Rivet Wars Chibi Mech at Cool Mini Booth

Well that is all for now.  I will post more pictures as I get them uploaded.  I have to track down fellow Firebase Delta Podcast host Robert as well.  He is working over at the Calliope Games booth, so if you are here and a fan of the show or blog come say hi to us both.

Until next time...

Crush the Alliance and as always......


Monday, June 1, 2015

The Alpha Sector Incursion At The Michigan GT!

SeerK here.  The fall is rapidly approaching and that means its almost time for the Michigan GT.  The
Convention started as a 40K GT.  This is the third year of he GT and we see its first big expansion.  40K War Machine and Hordes will be there as last year.  Bolt Action, Infinity, Warhammer Fantasy and Firestorm Armada all join the fray.  The Weekend of September 25th-27th is shaping up to be one hell of a weekend

Thats right, The Waygate in conjunction with Spartan Games, Firebase Delta and The Michigan GT is proud to bring you a weekend of Firestorm Armada events.  The Alpha Sector Incursion is made up of three separate and independent events.  The Alpha Sector Incursion, The Alpha Sector Clash and The Alpha Sector Incident.

The Alpha Sector Incident is an 800 point unique Narrative event.  Players choose one of three factions to fight for.  The Kurak alliance, The Zenian League and The Marauders.  You can look forward to this fun and unique event on Friday of the GT.  The Alpha Sector Clash is an 800 Point Firestorm Armada tournament taking place on Sunday of the GT and the Alpha Sector Incursion is a 1200 point battle royal on Saturday.  Rules, for all the events, will be posted very shortly.  Stay tuned to The WayGate on Facebook as well as here and the Michigan GT website.

Sign up today as space is limited! This should be a fun filled weekend.  Of course the staff and I will have our Planetfall armies ready to throw down. We may even have some Halo Fleet Battles going on.  SO come ready to play because this will be a Firestorm universe filled weekend.  Save the dates, September 25th-27th.

More to come.  Until then...

Crush the Alliance and as always....