Friday, June 5, 2015

Update From The Front: Origins 2015 So Far!

SeerK here almost live from Columbus Ohio.  I am here with 40kOrigins running war games and seeing the sights.  I have been learning and running a ton of Malifaux for the past couple of days. I have had the privilege of working with Kelly and Aaron at the Wyrd Miniatures booth running Intro to Malifaux sessions.

I have also got a glimpse at some of the new ships for the Drop Zone Commander space ship game currently in development by Hawk War games and GW legend Andy Chambers.  I thought I would post an update and show you some of the things I am seeing.  So here are some pictures from Origins 2015 so far.

40kOrigins Necromunda Table

Drop Fleet Commander Ships

The Wyrd Miniatures Booth

Whiskey Golem!!

Not sure what game it is, but it was big

Battle Tech Pods!

Giant Settlers of Catan board

Front of the Main hall

Battle of Hoth

Rivet Wars Chibi Mech at Cool Mini Booth

Well that is all for now.  I will post more pictures as I get them uploaded.  I have to track down fellow Firebase Delta Podcast host Robert as well.  He is working over at the Calliope Games booth, so if you are here and a fan of the show or blog come say hi to us both.

Until next time...

Crush the Alliance and as always......


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