Monday, June 2, 2014

The Dindrenzi Federation: Tactical Summary

Meet my Dindrenzi fleet:
The 108th Expeditionary Task Force.
The Dindrenzi Federation is known mainly for one thing, its incredibly powerful rail gun technology. Most of its ships are literally a gun with some engines attached and covered in thick armor.

Believing that raw firepower will win most conflicts, the ships of the Federation boast crippling, long range attacks from their solid slug kinetic rail guns, capable torpedo banks, and ability to blanket the area behind them in a veritable forest of mines.

The Dindrenzi do not utilize shield technology like their mortal enemies the Terrans, but rather, rely on layers of armor. Lots of armor. Dindrenzi ships are harder to hurt than most others of their size class, and can typically take more punishment over the course of their service life.

Tactical Benefits:

  1. Excellent long range firepower.
  2. Excellent attack strength at nearly all ranges.
  3. All around tough ships.
  4. Good access to Mines.
  5. High Fleet Tactics bonus (+3).
  6. Good movement ranges for ships.

Tactical Disadvantages:

  1. VERY poor turning ability means that they will be outmaneuvered easily.
  2. Armed with very front focused weapon systems. Engaging scattered targets is difficult at best.
  3. Suffer from a negative special rule (Ablative Armor) that is usually removed by spending points, thus increasing the cost of the larger ships.
  4. No Shields, Cloaking Devices, Scouts, Weapon Shielding, or Elusive Targets in the entire fleet.
  5. Limited access to Short Range Spacecraft (SRS) like Fighters, Bombers, and Interceptors.
  6. Generally mediocre assault potential.

Avenge Dramos.

Overall, the Dindrenzi are a great faction to play. The learning curve with them is very manageable, their models look cool (to me at least), and they hit like a freight train.

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