Friday, March 18, 2011

And the Love Keeps Commin

So I was happy to see some more new Eldar Forgeworld models in my Inbox today.  The boys are bringing us the Lynx super heavy tank and the Shadow Specter Exarch.  The Lynx is floating happiness.  Armed with wither a Pulsar or a Sonic Lance it is also capable of becoming a flyer for a turn.  Needless to say I may be budgeting to at least pick up an Exarch at Adepticon if they bring enough.  Go check the rules and more images out on the Forgeworld site


  1. Speaking as a guard player, I HATE Hellstorm templates. Speaking as a Grey Knight player with no access to Storm Shields, I REALLY hate AP 2 Hellstorm templates.

    By the way, Josh, appropos of nothing, how'd you like to get in a game tomorrow post-tournament? :)

  2. Indeed sir, also A game would be killer.

  3. While I am happy to see more eldar from forgeworld, I won't be picking up the lynx as it is a super heavy and I don't play apocalypse.

    I do quite like the shadow spectre exarch, but is it worth spending £12 on when you can only have a squad of 5 and that is what you get in the standard set?

    I guess you could always get it then have 2 squads of 3 if you are a major spectre fan....

  4. I dig the exarch so much I just may have you grab me one at Adepticon!