Friday, March 18, 2011

Adepticon or Bust

Well after my game on Wednesday against Old School Terminator, I have quite a bit of confidence in my Craftworlder list.  The 14th Black Crusade came and felt the wrath of Ulthwe.  The Chaos marines counts as Space Wolves met with defeat and I was met with surprise, as I did not think the list would do that well.  The win also puts me in a position of only having to paint 3 models.  I am still going to attempt to get the Dark Eldar done in time as I would like to run them in the GT. 

I have begun to put the Dark Eldar in primer, but have realized to late that there is a reason I stopped using Armoury black primer.  A trip to Home Depot for good primer is in order. 

In other news I have finally received my Forgeworld order placed on Febuary 2nd. The boys at Forgworld were nice enough to reship the order to me UPS, as Homeland Security here in the states decided to fudge with the package shipping rules from overseas.  Always use the express shipping.
  I will have my review of the Shadow Specters, Warp Hunter and Hornet soon, both the kits and how they perform in game.

Also I just want to remind anybody in Michigan and within a decent distance for Lansing that the "Test Of Khaine" tournament is this Saturday at Evolution Games.  Registration starts at 11 and dice roll at noon.  I look froward to seeing you out there.  This tournament is in celebration Craftworld Lansing being up for a year.

So there you have it a little update.  I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me.  So stay tuned for updates and some product reviews.

Until then.................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck in the 40K events. I will be there playing in the Fantasy events.

  2. Thanks good luck to you as well.

    Also Good Luck at Throne of Skulls. I think your ard boyz performance earned you a spot

  3. "I have socks older than your entire race"

    They must be getting pretty worn out by now, unless they're ceremonial.