Sunday, March 27, 2011

Win A Battle Force From DFG and Craftworld Lansing!!!!

Ok I will admit it.  I love shameless promotion.  I have to say this is the brain child of Old Shool Terminator though.  You can win yourself a Battleforce of your choice just by tracking down one of the DFG Crew or Myself at Adepticon and buying us a drink.  Its a long standing tradition to have a pint while playing 40K.  I know its one of the things I miss about working for GW.  SO basically it works like this.  You find me or one of the DFG authors wearing either a DFG shirt or a Craftworld Lansing shirt.  In order to get your name entered, buy him a drink (doesn't have to be alchohol, though I think we would all prefer it). Multiple drinks will equal multiple entries. Here are some rules:

As we said, drink = name entered
More drinks = more chances
DFG team members are not allowed to turn down a drink (regardless of how horrid it is) unless:
- they are competing in an event at the moment, in which case, they will pass to a member who is not playing.
- they are inebriated, in which case, they will pass to a member who is not yet.

Winners will be announced over the blog after Adepticon, at which time the winner will tell us what battleforce he wants and we will ship it to him free of charge!

We will be out at the bars Thursday night as well and its fair game out and about as well as at Adepticon proper.  Check out OST's original post here

I like Red lagers and Whiskey for the record.

so bottoms up and see you all at Adepticon

Until then................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!


  1. your just wanting free beer :P

    good idea tho


    buy 50 vodkas: stone him out of his mind AND get a battleforce :P

  2. I wanna go to Adepticon too!

  3. Wtf...@ the price of Drinks in Chicago, you're not doing anyone a favor....