Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Taste of Things To Come: The First Test Of Khaine

As promised I have the first mission for the Test Of Khaine tournament. I also will have a sign up sheet for those local to Evolution Games in Lansing Michigan to pre register for the tournament. No money is due up from I just want an idea of how many people will be playing so I can get tables set up accordingly. I now give you the first Test Of Khaine.

Khaine cares not for the weak. Prove your strength and you prove your worth on the field of battle.

Autarch Uriel Maz'akbahn of Ulthwe

Mission 1: The Test of Strength.

Khaine values strength above all else. Weakness is not tolerated. You must be able to take what you want and have the skill and strength to keep it.

Deployment: Spear head deployment ( as per White Dwarf Expansion) with one objective placed in the center of the table. There is a 12 inch no mans land around the objective.

Special Conditions: NO unit may begin the game in the no mans land even if they have the ability to scout or infiltrate.

Primary Objective: You must hold the objective in the center of the table at the end of the game. Troops and Elites may hold the objective. Vehicles may not contest the objective nor can embarked units hold the objective, Khaine loathes those who hide from combat! To hold the objective you must have a troop or elite unit within 1 inch of the objective.

Secondary Objective: Victory points. You must wipe out as much of the enemy force as possible. Khaine has no mercy for the weak.

Victorious Slaughter: Hold the objective and wipe out ¾ of your opponents army =15bp
Major Victory: Hold the objective and wipe out ½ of your opponents army=13bp
Minor Victory: Hold Objective and wipe out ¼ of opponents army=11bp
Draw: Objective is contested and victory points are within 100 points of each other=9bp
Minor loss: Objective not held ¼ army is destroyed=8bp
Major Loss: Objective not held ½ of army destroyed=7bp
Disastrous Defeat: Objective not held and ¾ of army destroyed=5bp

+5 Battle points for wiping out your opponent.

This is the first test of Khaine. I want the Missions to be kind of different. I think it really helps you prepare for the unexpected. If anybody has feedback feel free. This is the first tournament I have run and I want it to be a fun and challenging experience. I will post the other 2 missions or “Tests” in the next couple of weeks. The Test of Speed and The Test of Cunning.
I found out what was taking my first Forgeworld order so long to get here. Apparently Homeland Security here in the states decided they were going to reduce the size and weight of packages allowed on airliners. They also neglected to tell anybody. So if you have an overseas package that is taking forever to get to you that’s probably why. The guys at Forgeworld said if I did not get it by Monday they would take care of it. I do have to say whenever I have called them they have always taken care of any issues right quick. Hats off to ya boys.

Well its coming down to less than a month to Adepticon. I have decided I am going to be taking the Craftworlders. I like my Dark Eldar, but I can't decide on a force and I would have to paint to much. I feel I have to try and represent. I am really looking forward to The Test Of Khaine and Adepticon. I hope to see you all at both.

Until then................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds good, sign me up as I am sure the nids will pass the first test!

  2. The test of speed should be a good one too. I have something very unique planned for that one.

  3. What's the start time? Don't see it on the main page

  4. Is there a score for killing the majority of your opponent and not holding the objective, as in your troops and elites get wiped out?

  5. Well, there's an APOC game about 6 miles from me here in Grand Haven...vs $25 round trip gas to make it to lansing. I'm not that thrilled with Apoc games (too long to get through the turns), but the $$$ vs. possible prize makes it doubtful I'll drive that far. Good luck.