Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Love the Smell Of Resin In The Morning: New Wasps Have Arrived

I received my Forgeworld Order, the 2nd I am still waiting for the first, yesterday and today I have a nice squadron of 3 Eldar Wasps. Not only did I get them together I also got a game in with them vs one of our local players Red Scorpion army.
The kit is pretty strait forward. The lower hip section and legs in the standard War Walker kit are replaced as are the usually weapon mounts. I Titan like fin is added to the rear along with the jump jets which fit neatly to the rear part of the hull. One feature I really like is the 6 inch flight stand, the new ball type, that allows you to pose the Walker landing or taking off. The new weapon mount use the same style as the Falcon. This makes the model more streamlined and less prone to breaking like the regular ones.

Probably the best aspect of the kit is you have enough parts to almost construct another war walker. You just need the main hull and pilot. I am going to try and find some hulls on Ebay so I can build another squadron of regular War Walkers.

In My game I opted for a deep strike deployment. This proved to be a bad Idea as I drifted close enough for some thunder hammer wielding terminators to assault the squadron. I also only got one round of fire. Granted it was epic to be hitting on 3's with war walkers. I armed the Squadron with Bright Lances and Scatter lasers. My usual dislike for no AP was left aside because of the improved ballistic skill. As an aside I have to say the Land Raider Achilles is retarded.

I did not get to use the jump jets. I hope to get a game in soon so I can really test them out and what they can do. I think the Deep Strike aspect is nice for taking objectives quick, but honestly I think the jump jets are a better bet. Being able to move 24 and then assault means you can get these guys 30 inches across the table. If you pick your targets right you can really cause some havoc. They do need support though. Regular war walkers or more deep striking units breaks up your opponents fire. Deep striking them all by their lonesome is a good way to get them blasted into powder.
You can't really rely on a unit screen as they will be moving around a lot. I see the Wasps being used better as a support and harassment unit rather than a main line unit. It takes the heat off your regular War Walkers and your advancing troops. Their ability to contest and take objectives is going to throw people off guard as well. It seems wrong I can do an army that is completely made up of War Walkers and Seers and Warlocks on Jet Bikes.

I have been moving this weekend and I have mid terms this week so I am going to try and get the first mission completed for the Test of Khaine Tournament. I have to hammer out the details. It should be fun.

So until then.............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I play a game with you and you don't even mention you have new FW goodies?! Come on!!

    ((Flicker field))

  2. Very cool, each walker comes with the new flying stems?

  3. Sorry Vinton I was tired.

    Yes they have like a 6 inch flying stem with the ball on the end I think its a nice addition.