Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Good With The Bad

Well we have our next wave of dark Eldar.  I have to say I am a little disappointed.  I was looking forward to the Beast Masters.  So what does GW do?  They release them all as seperate models and give you one model for the Beast Master, some decent looking Kymera, a clawed fiend that looks like a skaven or war machine reject and a very lack luster razor wing flock.  The last one is the biggest disappointment.  3 little birds on a 40mm base for $12 bucks each.  The pricing is also a big slap in the face.  The Maxed out Beast Master unit is on par price wise with a  Wraithguard unit.  5 Beast masters, 1 clawed fiend, 6 razor wing flocks and 5 kymera come to just shy or $250 bucks.  The models are also very ho hum.  I really hate the fiend in particular.  The Succubus is a nice model though.  The size of the wave is also disappointing.  I was hoping for another unit, liek a void raven or the Scourges.  oh well At least Forge World is showing the love.

In the build up to IA 11 yet another new Eldar model has been released.  The wasp walker is a war walker in steroids.  It is equipped with jump jets like a Titan and to top it all off it can count as a troop choice.  They can deep strike as well.  The big thing though is the BS of 4.  I like them a lot and for the second time this month I have put in a Forge World Order.  Note to everybody though don't forget to hit the express shipping button.  I am still waiting for my shadow specters I ordered on the 2nd thanks to me not paying attention.

I am thinking we will be seeing IA 11 late spring early summer given the amount of models currently pouring out.  If any of this unit development spills over to GW proper I hope we are seeing some previews of a new codex.  Granted there is some improvement that needs to be made with the current experimental rules, but I think they are on the right track.

Next time I hope to be discussing my new models and giving some more details about "The Test of Khaine" tournament I am running at Evolutions Games in Lansing, MI.

Until then............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I seem to remember FW saying IA11 would be out around late March/early April when I asked them. This was at UKGD last year tho so things may have changed, but I hope it'll be soon-ish

  2. quack.
    SeerK is ducking me!

  3. Wow I did not think it would be out that soon, but you never know. They change release dates all the time at GW