Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Road to Adepticon: Primer Missions!

Greetings all!  SeerK here with your mission briefing.  The team has labored long, but we have a set of Primer missions for all our events at Adepticon.  The exception is The FSA Mega Battle also known as the Flashpoint Amber Narrative event.  Spartan Neil and I are working on that currently.  The Narrative requires much more work as it ties into the impending Flashpoint Amber Campaign.  In fact is is going to be a major pivotal event in the campaign.  The Amber system hangs in the balance.  The Schaumburg system under Kurak control as of last years Championships.  Will they be able to hold it as the Zenian League unleashes hell upon them. The Stage is set and the trap has been sprung. Be a part of history as we unveil something never before seen at Adepticon 2017.............but first lets look at those Primer Missions!

The following links will take you to the Primer mission pack for your chosen event.  The missions can and in most instances will be subject to change.  This can be due to feedback from the community or because we have some plans to put a little more spice into the final versions.  The missions reflect the format and what to expect from each event.  The missions will be posted on the Adepticon website and are also available on the Facebook event pages which are linked on the right top of the blog page.  Here are you missions!

The Schaumburg Prime Offensive NA FSA Championships

The Schaumburg Beach Head FSA Planetfall GT

The Schaumburg Clash! Dystopian Wars GT

The Battle for Reach Halo Ground Command GT

The Fall of Reach Halo Fleet Battles GT
Missions are Annihilation, Firefight and Seek and Destroy
As a Note you do need a Massive Element for the Seek and Destroy Mission.

There are your missions.  Time to get the the models to the table and start practicing and getting those army lists dialed in.  I will be doing some updates over the next couple months covering the Narrative as we shape it up.  I have confirmation from Spartan that we will have some new stuff and Previews.

I also want to Welcome Mats By Mars as an event sponsor.  They will be supplying some Mats for Our space based games.  They make very high quality vinyl game mats.  They will also be at Adepticon this year so check them out at their booth in the Vendors Hall!

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always....


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