Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Road to Adepticon: The Schaumburg Prime Offensive!

Greetings all!  SeerK here with our next update on the road to Adepticon.  In this installment we are talking about the big show.  The Firestorm Armada North American Championships.  The 3rd Schaumburg Prime Offensive.  As I write this, Spellduckwrong, Dreadbeard and Myself are putting the finishing touches on the Primer missions.  In fact we will be posting primer missions for all the Spartan Games events at Adepticon the begining of next  week.  Links will be here in the side bar, on the event pages and on the main Adepticon website

This Year we are back to 900 points and we are now in a two day format.  Day one is 3 rounds and a Qualifier for day 2.  Day two is the top 8 players from day 1.  Lets dive in and look in depth at this years North American Firestorm Armada Championships!

I have had some questions about the two day format.  I want to address this change first as there seems to be some concern.  Namely in planning your events and schedule.  There are several 2 day tournaments around the country.  Day one being the big tournament and day two being reserved only for the top players.  When I still played in the 40K GT at Adepticon I always signed up for events that were the next day.  I knew that my chances at winning were slim, but not impossible.  Adepticon takes into account two day tournaments. If you were to sign up for the main tournament and other events the next day, but managed to place in the top spots, they refund you for the events the next day and you always have the choice to bow out and let the next player down the list compete in the 2nd day of the tournament.

Basically what I am saying is that you should not be shy about signing up for the Saturday event.  There will still be prizes.  You get the really good prizes if you win the day and are crowned the North American Champ on day 2.  Look at it as 3 solid games of Firestorm Armada Saturday with the possibility of 3 more solid games and even more fabulous prizes on day 2.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way first lets look at the Tournament.  As I said we are back to 900 points for day one after player feedback from last year.  We have found, through lots of play testing and actual tournament play, that this is a very good point level for competitive play.  It makes list building a little bit more challenging and allows you to take some cool stuff, but not all of it.  You really have to choose.

The First day will be 3 custom missions, that are in the tradition of the previous two years.  Multi tier missions.  Unlike last year, this year will be 3 brand new never before seen missions.  The Primer missions will give you a good idea of what to expect, however the actual final versions of the missions will have some added danger and possibly tweaks based on feedback from players.  Players will play 3 rounds on Saturday.  The top 8 players will qualify to play on Sunday.  If you are unable to play on Sunday or don't want to, your spot will pass to the next player in the order.  There will be prizes for players on day one.  Our best sport and Painting award will be awarded on day one as well.

Day two will also be 3 rounds.  The missions will be chosen from the standard book missions.  Players will also test their skills as we lower the point level to 800 points.  Since day two is the top 8 players we want to truly test their skills as an admiral.  Everybody will be on equal footing in regards to the missions.  We have all played the missions from the rule book hundreds of times.  There are no surprises.  Taking it down to 800 points also mixes up the fleet building and removes Dreadnoughts from the picture. All that is left is your skill as a player and what you can pull out of your own experience. I really think this is where we will see the different metas around the country and world come out.  The different play styles all come out when you are playing a very familiar mission.

 The winner of day two will be crowned the North American Firestorm Armada Champion and take home some nice prizes.  Including some Spartan exclusives.  They will claim the bragging rights and the gold medal.

So there is the North American Firestorm Championships in a nutshell.  It is a different format and I am looking forward to it.  This sets the stage for the future and a bigger event in years to come.  I wanted to also announce that after a skype call with Spartan Neil last night, we will have some new stuff at Adepticon.  New ships and some new stuff.  We will also have a preview of the new edition of Firestorm Armada.  There are still spots available in all the events.  Sign up today and reserve your spot!

Until Next time crush the Alliance and as Always.......


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