Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Year in Review

Greetings all.  Its December 31st.  That means 2016 is coming to an end.  The crew and I are getting together tonight for a big party to usher out 2016.  It has been a year of extremes.  There have been epic highs and some pretty epic lows. Other than a decent paying job and meeting my future wife, it has been kind of an Empire strikes back kinda year.   The Spartan community is at a low point while the Infinity community is growing and has had some pretty awesome stuff happen this year. This has me in  a weird spot.  I am part of a community that has momentum and is growing at a rapid pace.  It is full of positivity and generally speaking a really good bunch of players.  It has a company that actively supports its community by going to shows and having a very tight and active tournament scene.  On the other hand the energy and momentum has kind of gone out of the Spartan community sails.  There is a lot of uncertainty and a lot of ill will from the player base right now.  There are signs of life and I hope this means the energy of 2 years ago makes a resurgence. Lets take a look back and I will have some resolutions as well as some stuff I would like to see in 2017.

We have seen a whole host of releases in the Infinity community.  Human Sphere got the N3 treatment.  We saw a new 2 player starter and factions are getting some nice additions and overhauls.  New Bakunin, New shock army, New Combined army. We have hand a global campaign and a reset of the ITS season.  Not to mention the changes to ITS that will keep us all involved and excited about playing Infinity.  I am really looking forward to Adepticon and what Corvus Belli decides to release there.  I for one am looking forward to seeing new Military Orders models.  We have seen the renders of the new Order Sergeants box floating around.  I would love to see a new starter box though this year.  I am also hoping we see some new sectoral this year.  I am very keen on a Svalarheima or Varuna sectoral for PanO.  I am also keen on the Calaphate for Haqq.

I really would love to see Campaign Paradiso N3 this coming year.  I know CB has said it will not be in 2017, but you never know.  If we don't see it I would love to see some new sectorals.  The ones I mention above would be fantastic.  I would also like to see an updated Shasvasti starter.  I may be tempted over to the dark side if that happens.  I am already tempted by the all robot army you can do with Combined and Shasvasti would probably put me over the edge,.

Spartan has had a weird year. We have seen the release of Halo Ground Command, Firestorm Task Force and Dystopian Wars Fleet Action.  We have also seen less community involvement and a lot of very negative talk and feedback.  Spartan is spread thin and issues back at home base have not helped matters.  The customer survey has helped Spartan really see what needs to be done.  They are refocusing, but it is difficult.  It also may be to late in some cases.  From my conversations with Neil I can say Spartan will soldier on and try to focus on their core games.  They are going to try and build on the games that brought people into the community in the first place.  The real trick is going to be doing it in a timely matter, but not so quick that the games and or models are not to the quality people have come to expect.  Everybody knows I am not shy about being a Spartan Games cheerleader.  I continue to have faith things will get sorted out and 2017 will see the community getting better.

In 2017 we have a new updated and refined Dystopian Wars rule set coming out with a fully funded Kickstarter.  2017 will also see a new and refined rules set for Firestorm Armada.  I can't say when in 2017, but it is going to happen.  How do I know?  Well I am helping develop it.  We have some stuff on deck that I hope will reinvigorate the community. I have already written some different rules and stats for some new stuff that are in the cue for 2017.  Neil and Derek have also been hard at work getting things done for the coming year.  I am hoping we cam premiere some of this new material at Adepticon.

What would i like to see this coming year from Spartan.  I would like to see a much better version of Planetfall.  I would like to see the focus go to FSA and Dystopian Wars.  These are the core games for Spartan.  Halo is a great IP to have and the games are fun, but you cannot let it divert focus from the games that are yours and have been your bread and butter for years.  The Spartan community is pretty fickle when it is compared to some.  They have also been a very patient lot.  Its time to show appreciation for that patients.  I would also like to see each game have its own official play format done by the end of the year.  Events, competitive and otherwise, are what really drive a game.  People also need to be able to get stuff form their local retailers.  I am not a fan of shopping online.  It takes from local business.  I think direct distribution is the real answer.  I know a great spot for a warehouse too.  I know a guy who can run it too.

It has been a rough year.  We have lost icons and people who helped shape me as a person.  Heros in a fictional sense and people who really did help shape humanity and culture.  As we bid the dumpster fire that is 2016 farewell, I am hopeful 2017 will be better despite the bad decisions of 2016.

I will just Remember Dramos and Toni is Alive.

I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.

See you in 2017.......

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