Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Invasion Begins! New Fleet Boxes!

So if you have been on Facebook or the forums you have probably seen the new Fleet boxes containing the Invasion ships needed to take a planet and deliver your Planetfall Armies.  You haven't? well here you go....

The Fleet Boxes contain an Assault Carrier, Assault Cruisers and Frigates of a new class.  The Box also contains details about 6 Fleet Commanders.  Thats right everybody we now have special characters!  Probably more exciting is what else is contained in the booklet in the box.  Firestorm System Wars rules and Scenarios.  Now we just need some more Helixs and Spec ops to hit!  Speaking of Planetfall, Have you seen the RSN Helix and the Veydreth?

The allied Race helixs will now all be out and we have Recon Helixs this month.  What a Lovely Day!

Until next time Crush The Alliance and as always.....


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