Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Smpathy For the Devil: Wayland Games Rejects Finecast

So I was cruising around the web going to some of the different war games blogs and Online retailers checking out their wares and reviews.  I came across UK based Wayland Games.  They are a big online retailer that sells a lot of 40K stuff.  They had this to say about the new Finecast line

It is with regret that in the next 10 days all presently outstanding purchases of Citadel Finecast items will be refunded.  Unfortunately, a randomly sampled assessment has revealed what we feel to be an excessive level of actual and potential flaws that, if reflected across our entire stock of Finecast, could result in unacceptable inconvenience to our customers.  We have reached this decision as soon as was practicably possible but extend our apologies to all customers who are affected.   Although we will be returning our present stockholding to the manufacturer, please be assured that we remain committed to carrying the Finecast line and will be restocking in due course. Additional information is available from our website here

I know I have had some issues with the quality of Forgeworld models in the past.  Granted the company has taken care of the issues, but with such high production and GW limiting the amount you can buy, presumably because of production problems, what are they going to do about the apparent quality issue with this first run.

GW is charging a premium for the new models and they are no different than the metal ones, with the exception of some formerly unknown details on the models coming thru due to resin not shrinking like metal in the molds.  Some of the models are reaching Forgeworld prices.  The Avatar of Khaine jumpes form $20.00 U.S Dollars to $38.  

I applaud Wayland Games for basically sticking it to GW.  The new Brass obviously don't care for their customers.  The utter contempt they show  to the loyal fans of their games is insulting.

GW get a clue and get your heads out of your collective Bum.

Ok rant over.  I have assembled the orks I aquired from the bits trading, although I ended up wth 3 sides to some death koptas and no other half or blades.  I have 36 slugga boyz and a Warboss to start my Waaagh.  I look farward to getting some more and getting these guys painted.  

Next time I will have the 9th Foundation Of Vengeance.  Also I have been very lax in my coverage of my beloved Craftworlders.  So I will be talking about  a very seldom used unit.  The Storm Guardian.

Until then....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls.....................................WAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good for them really, someone has to point it out.
    That picture is just brillianr by the way haha.

  2. Yeah not enough retailers and wholesalers stand up to GW. GW is in a position to dictate terms until nobody carries their products. They are moving themselves into this kind of position, which is a very bad move. The shops and game clubs are what keep them going. if they think they can go to just selling out of their stores and online they are sadly mistaking.

  3. Right on, guys at Wayland. Never did understand how a resin composite that should cost less to produce with makes models more expensive.