Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scourges, Chronos and Venoms Oh My! Pre Release Kit Reviews

Live from the FLGS we have a kit review. I should say kits as I got to put together the pre release kits Evo got for the Talos, Scourges and Venom. I was excited to get a hold of these kits especially the Scourges. I have always been a fan of scourges and in the new codex they got really good.

First lets look at the Venom. It is a very simple kit. It is very reminiscent of the Vyper kit . The hull is 2 pieces and the whole kit comes on one sprue. The rear deck and deck rails are separate pieces. The cockpit details are sparse. Plan on fully assembling and painting the pilot if you plan on having a clear canopy. I actually paint my canopies on all my models as I play with the models a lot and generally just do a basic paint job for tournament reasons. The lines are very clean though and the gap problems the old falcon kits had are gone, this is true of the raider hulls as well. The mounts for the weapons are easy to swap. The chin mounted splinter rifle and cannon can be easily magnetized. The pintle mounted splinter cannon can be easily removed.

The Scourges were an awesome kit to assemble. There are a ton of options on the sprues. The single sprue kit makes 5 Scourges. Every heavy weapon option is covered. Sadly there is only one of each so 2 boxes would be needed first to make a full squad and second to cover all your options more than once. The one thing that did make me happy is they we have splinter carbine arms. Since I like Scourges I will have enough to outfit a Trueborn squad after I buy a couple boxes. I really like the options for the Solarite. I gave the one I built an Agonizer and Blast pistol. The long spear is a nice weapon though and I see some nice wych conversions being done in the near future by me.

The Talos / Chronos Parasite engine kit s a 2 sprue kit that is born from a cthuluian nightmare. Since I have been running a Chronos in my webway list I built the kit as a Chronos. Every option is covered and the sheer amount of left over bits is staggering. It did take about 20 minutes of test fitting pieces to get the body together fully as I had no assembly instructions. This is defiantly a kit that need to be primed and painted before final assembly. The body is 2 pieces with the carapace shell over top and a 4th piece filling in the gap in its back. Its this 4th spine piece that would need to be painted before assembly as it would be hard to access for all but the most basic of painting. You should be able to magnetize the different weapon options pretty easily as there is ample room for magnets and the assembly points of the arms are ideal for magnets.
The kit bashing possibilities are the real exciting part though. After talking with OST about it we see a lot of potential for chaos players. All the tentacles and bits are ideal for Daemon Princes. Now you can actually WYSIWG your Lash Prince. I plan on using the tail weapons to do some mods on some Reaver bikes as well just for some flavor. You also get a bunch of smaller atrophied arms and “clear” canisters full of vial chemicals that would be great for accents on your plague marines or even other Dark Eldar.

I apologize for the lack of pictures. My cat Apollo decided to knock my camera off the table sending it to its doom. Once I pick up some more kits I will do an assembly tutorial. I have been meaning to add video posts.

Next time the 6th Foundation of Vengeance, finally, and we start discussing Ard Boyz. We will also be adding an author to the blog. Seven, long time reader and Eldar player at the FLGS, will be joining the Seer Council as a writer.

Until next time...

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog! Having been a customer at Evolution Games while visiting Lansing makes me wish my local stores were as inviting. :)

  2. Yeah I drive from Ypsi to go there still. Its a great community there.

    thanks for reading