Friday, May 27, 2011

FInecast: WTF

I was going to have the 6th Foundation ready for today.  Sadly I, for readers not my wallet, I got a promotion at work and this week was the first week of the new job.  I have been looking around the web looking at the pictures of the new finecast models. 

The new Wrack and Grotesque models are confirmed as Finecast as they went up for pre-order on GW's site earlier this week.  The new Haemonculus is also going to be Finecast.  As I have previously said I like the switch to resin models.  After years of dealing with metal models and being spoiled by new awesome plastic kits I am ready for some easy to assemble models that won't break my drill bits.

The price increases is really what is making me mad.  The new resin Wrack box is $33.00.  You get a grand total of 5 Wracks.  SO to make a full squad you will be spending just shy of $70 for a full squad of Wracks.  The Grotesques are $20.00 each and there is only one pose.  So Grotesques now take the prize for most expensive Eldar unit.  $200 plus for a unit of 10 makes Wraithguard jealous of their baller status.

That raises the question of how much are they going to jack up the prices on the models they are redoing.  Its the same model just made out of resin.

I may be beating a dead horse, but this whole Finecast thing upsets me.  On a semi related note I have gained possession of the Pre release models of the New dark Eldar Plastic kits.  I will be doing some assembly this week and I will give you my impressions of the new kits.

I leave you now.  The Judge is turning 21 tonight and as the youngest member of the Dark Future Games crew he will be going through the initiation into manhood.  May god have mercy on his soul.

Happy Birthday Judge I apologize in advance for destroying your liver.

Next time some kit reviews and the 6th Foundation Of Vengeance.

Until next time.....................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I think you missed the DE beast Masters , a full squad of those has to be the most expensive thing ever... its so they can keep jes in his cocaine and hooker habit , not to mention the platinum foil sheet underwear .....

  2. Lol indeed I did forget the beast masters. Jes does love his nose candy and whores.

    I think the Beast Master Pack is about the same though. There is another point of fail as I am pretty sure they will be more expensive when they get switched over to Finecast

  3. Even if GW didn't release their Finecast series they would of still increased the prices on the equivalent metal models. Don't view the Finecast release and the price increase as one item. Also break the Wracks down to cost per model and it works out to be$6.60 per model. Not bad at all considering the cost of other blister packs can be as much as $18-$20.

    Not all GW models are getting a price increase and some of the ones that will are only going up$0.25. The cost of models overall is not horrible by any means. What is horrible is the how much the internet has blown this topic out of proportion.

  4. Dude , go and work out how much a full sized beast squad would set you back then come and tell me GW are not mainlining crack when they sit down to work out how much to charge for things.

    I really want a beast pack as i wanted at least one of everything in the DE book, but I can nearly but an army for the cost of that single squad....