Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reinforcements Have Arrived: Dark Eldar 3rd Wave

Although this new release has not given us the Voidraven / Razorwing fighter it has given us some nice new models.  Scourges, which I really like the new models, The much anticipated Venom, The Talos / Cronos Parasite Engine and a Battle Force make up this next wave of models.  Sadly no Wracks.

So feast your eyes and enjoy


Cronos Parasite Engine

Talos Pain Engine


I am surprised that the Talos kit is under fifty bucks.  It seemed the trend for big critters was going to be higher than the $44.50 they are charging.  I like the price tag of $25 bucks on the Scourges though.

Slight addition.  I was going to post it later, but OST scooped me so here s the preview shot from GW of the Voidraven / Razorwing

Well Just a little update.  Sadly due to me being sick I can't make the trek out to the FLGS today.  I am looking forward to "Def Race 2011" at Evolution Games this Saturday though.  DFG will also hosting a tournament at Game Links in Fowlerville Michigan on June 4th with the help of the boys over at MI40k.  If I am not asked to help I may be playing.  Well time for some nyquil and some sleep.

Until next time.........................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Absolutely amazing models all of them, I cannot wait to go broke on these!