Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Webway Revealed

I got my first game in with the Webway list. I should say my first singles game that also actually went a full 5 turns. It was a Dawn of War deployment and to keep it simple we just played fro kill points. I was able to get one Raider loaded with wracks and their Haemonculus handler on on the board with the other identical unit coming on the first turn. This allowed me to really get excellent position for the portals. One portal was right where I wanted it. Because of terrain the second was not ideal, but it got the job done. I had to deploy it near a piece of area terrain which kind of limited my mobility a bit. This was mostly due to squad size. Since I want to talk openly about the list I am going to do something I don't usually do.

Here is my 1850 Webway List

1x Haemonculus with webway portal, agonizer, stinger pistol and liquifier gun.
1x Haemonculus with webway portal, agonizer, stinger pistol and liquifier gun.
1x Succubus with 2x venom blades and Haywire grenades.


3x 15 Wyches with Haywire Grenades, 2x Shardnets and Impalers, Razor Flail and Hekatrix with Agonizer and Phantasm Grenade Launcher.

2x 9 Wracks with Liquifier gun and Acothyst. Raider with Night shields and Flicker Fields, Grisly Trophies and Tormentor Grenade Launchers.

Fast Attack

1x Beast Master Pack with 5x Beast Masters, 1x Clawed Fiend, 5x Khymerae and 6 Razor Wing Flocks.

Heavy Support

Cronos Parasite Engine with Spirit Probe and Spirit Vortex

SO the basic premise is the Haemonculus units try and get as far forward as the can on turn one and get the best possible deployment area for the Webway portals. This way the rest of the army can start coming in on turn 2. The real secret in the list is to get into assault range and hammer your army with furious intent upon your opponents army.

The lack of lance weapons in on purpose. The raiders are basically Webway portal delivery vehicles that can also harass long range armored targets. The wrack units are to ensure the Haemonculus survive and also try and hold some objectives. Since they have the poisoned weapons they can also deal with the big bads, at least those with a toughness stat, in close combat. Their initiative of 5, they have furious charge thanks to the Haemonculus being attached to the unit, on the charge lets them strike before most units.

With the Wych units emerging form the portals the Cronos will be able to sit back behind them and supply a steady stream of sweet sweet pain tokens to the wych units. The beast master pack can surge forward ahead of the wyches to mire down death star units and cut them down to size. You have to be very careful with your wound allocation though as most of the beats in the unit still have a toughness of 3. So allocate wisely. The Cronos should get the first pain token followed by the Wych units. Try not to get any one unit up to three quickly. The Wych units should be able to generate their own quickly if they have targets.

So that’s the list and a little insight as to how I play it. I am hoping to get some decent games in over the next month to test it and tweak it. I have to prepare for the “Def Race” next Saturday at Evolution Games. I have a Wraithlord to paint and forces to prepare. I have a Tyranid Swarm I must contemplate on how to deal with.

Next time the 5th Foundation of Vengeance

Until then..........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Nice list, a bet it hits like a tonne of bricks when those units come out of the webway.

    Why the two venom blades on the succubus, is it a modelling reason, as she gets no benefit from the second venom blade ?