Thursday, May 19, 2011

The 6th Foundation Of Vengeance: Truth

There are many different truths in this world. All of them are subjective. One mans truth is anothers heresy. The 5th Foundation Of Vengeance is Truth. That is, it is the truth of how the game is going to go according to you. Truth is a 3 edged sword. The truth you see, the truth your opponent sees and what is actually going on in the game. The key to victory is showing your opponent the truth of the matter according to you.

I put the 5th Foundation into practice just yesterday as continued play testing of the webway list. The list has gone 3 and 0 so far. I got in 2 of these games yesterday against the Necrons of Meatban and Ryan one of our local Tau players. I started each game with basically telling my opponents that I was going to rush forward and deploy my portals and then slaughter their army. The game against the Tau required a little more in depth explanation as he had not faced or even knew what the webway portals did. Regardless I gave them full disclosure and they could not do much to stop the onslaught.

Truth is a very effective kind of psychological warfare. Faced with a truth many players will start to think of things that are way worse than what you are actually going to do. This paranoia is why in the real world propaganda machines work overtime in times of crisis and war so that soldiers and the populace stay confident and don't freak out when things are not going so well.

Staying in control of the flow of the game is essential for victory. When you loose your cool, as I am guilty of way to often, you loose control of the flow. The truth you have imposed to your opponent wavers and he see hope. Its the denial of hope that brings you victory. Showing your opponent that this is going to happen regardless of what they do lets you control the flow of the game.

So remember full disclosure and show them the truth. Next time we will be discussing the 6th Foundation Of Vengeance: Kindness. This is a Foundation I have trouble with. They say though one of the best ways to deal with people is to kill them with kindness.

Also I will have a battle report of Epic proportions. Farseer Re-Rolls and I will be throwing down in a massive 6000 points per side Apocalypse game in 2 weeks. The 8th company , along with some support elements, of the Storm Heralds will be going to war against the forces of Ulthwe. The Seer Council of Ulthwe will be leading the black Guardians into battle over the position of a Maiden World.

Stay tuned as this game should be pretty brutal.

Until then............


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