Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bits For The Bits God! Also Let The Waaaagh Begin!

So I did not want to jump on the 6th edition rumor band wagon. SO I won't. I will believe the rumors when I have the rule book in my hand. Granted Blood Of Kittens is fairly accurate with their rumors, but honestly me commenting on them is kind of beating a dead horse.

So I just wanted to remind everybody we will be doing some bits trading at Evolution Games in Lansing. Old School Terminator has the bits bug and I have to say it has bitten me too. I have been working on models and seem to be finding my way out of my hobby funk. I am very excited as I hope to trade Old School for some Orks tomorrow. IN honor of my new adopted army I am going to try ans start some discussion on Orks.

I want to do a themed army and I have it kind of narrowed down to a couple different things. I have been contemplating Bad Moons and Death Skulz. I Like the bright loud yellow colors predominant in a Bad Moon Army. I like the idea of blue and green though as well. I also really like the whole Death Skull habit of looting everything. This opens up a lot of possibilities for looted vehicles and big guns.

I am hopefully going to pick up the main core of Boyz tomorrow and I plan on painting a couple to see how I like the different color schemes. I am also leaning towards the Death Skullz because I am a fan of Meks. I like the whole concept of orky technology and the Meks just kind of hap haphazardly throwing stuff together.

So I am planing on running a Big Mek and Warboss as my HQ's. I plan on running boyz of course as the bulk of my army. I want Burna Boyz as well, but I am not sure what else to run. Since this is a fun army I want to keep in theme, but use units that are not seen that often. Something off the wall really. I like the idea of the Tank Bustas and bomb squigs. I was also kinda shocked to learn that Deff Coptas have a bomb attack they can do. I have never seen ork players use them like that.

I have a lot of reading to do so as I progress with them army cut this git a little slack all you veteran Warbosses.

SO I hope to see you guys at the bits trading. I should be there pretty early after I say hi to some people and get some stuff done. I will be parting with some of my Eldar as I just do not use the models and I don't see myself needing them in the future. I will be giving up some Chapter House Warlocks complete with jet bikes. I also have a falcon and Pathfinders to sell off. I have a complete Harlequin troop as well. I never run them so I might as well part with them.

I hope to have a fun battle report vs one of the Dark Future Game guys tomorrow as I have not gotten a one on one game with OST of CVinton in a while. Also look for the 9th Foundation Of Vengeance this weekend. The Stormlord suggests I speak about a topic near and dear to a Dark Eldar's dark heart. Pain.

Until next time..............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls.......................WAAAAAGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Welcome to the green team!

  2. 'So I did not want to jump on the 6th edition rumor band wagon. SO I won't. I will believe the rumors when I have the rule book in my hand.' wise words sir wise words.

  3. How about mexican banit orcs