Saturday, June 11, 2011

Craftworld Lansing is Expanding.

Well if you had not noticed 2 more writers have joined the Craftworld.  Seven and The Stormlord are locals players at Evolution games who play Xenos armies exclusively.  The Stormlord and I have been friends since 5th grade in fact.  I tried to get him into 40K back in 2nd edition and although he did collect some Tyranids it did not stick. 

Given the expansion I have decided to play host to all things Xenos rather than just all things Eldar.  The Eldar will remain at the forefront for myself, and probably seven as well, but you will see much expanded coverage of Necrons and more Xenos action in the future.  In fact I have been contemplating a new army.

I love my Eldar, but I have been in such a competitive streak with them it is wearing me down.  I want something fun for playing at the shop.  A nice on the side slow build and something to break the painting rut I am in.

I want to stay Xenos though so I have narrowed the field between two armies.  Both fond of hordes in fact.  Orks and Tyranids.  I really like the look and feel of both armies.  Fun factor goes way in favor of the Orks, but there is the allure of a faceless and emotionless killing machine.

So I thought I would leave it up to the readers.  What should I play?

Leave a comment and cast your vote. Orks or Tyranids?

Next time we go into the next Foundation of Vengeance, Knowledge

Until then.....................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Play bugs. It would be way different then dark eldar or eldar. And playing tyranids will test your synergy abilities

  2. I know a guy with a bug army ... and a guy with plenty of Orks ... ok, it's me, but let me know what you choose, I can load you up on either!

  3. excellent. I really can't decide so we will see how the vote swings

  4. How about the other Xenos.... Necrons. With a new codex coming out soon it could be something you could build up too. And necron warriors price on the secordary market should drop as GDW pisses off diehard necrons with rule changes. Go Necrons

  5. orks are who you should go for

  6. Well I don't want to steal the Stormlords thunder and Necrons have never interested me.

    Its down to Orks and Nids

  7. I would say orks personally as I think they are more fun to pay and when converting them pretty much anything goes!

  8. sorry for yet another comment here but I take it you never intend to include any imperium content on here?

    I used to be a xenos only guy myself (apart from collecting chaos marines years ago) but now I am collecting space wolves alongside my eldar as they have a great background and I love the look and feel of a bunch of guys seeking their own glory on the battlefield.

  9. ors definetly: whist nids can look awsome doing any large sort of army can be a chore to paint, but orks *eyes sparkle* cheks, dags, freehand, random conversions charecturful models , bazillions of converison opportnuities... the currrent nobz box.

    yeah go for orks!

  10. Orks of course.....

    Anything less would be uncivilized....

    Orks never lose....

    If we win... we win.
    If we lose.... we die fightin', so it don't count.
    If we tie..... we come back for another go...

  11. Orks are fun, fun and fun, so my vote goes to the green almost-faceless killing machine :D

    And great additions, man.

  12. to Phoenix83

    If I talk about imperial armies it will be about how to kill them. Space Marines and such have never interested me. I did play sisters of battle back in 3rd edition, but that was while I was working for GW and they frowned on anybody playing strictly Xenos.

    Its in the company culture to exhalt the Imperium and I say F them.

  13. Well Looks like the orks are going to win out so far

    Look for updates if the Green Skins make a landing on the Craftworld