Tuesday, May 10, 2016

WayGate Update: SeerK Is Goin To NOVA

Hi all! SeerK here. So it occurred to me that I had not posted in a while. I have been pretty busy with a brand new job and they have me out of town quite a bit for training. A lot has been going on and once again real life has kept me from writing. Well time to change that. I figured I should do an update. Spartan and Corvus Belli have been busy over the past month. I also have some tournaments and conventions coming up I wanted to mention. I am planning on doing some posts this week in my down time at the hotel. So stay tuned for some predictions based on Spartans Latest releases.  Lets talk conventions.  Origins, Gencon, The Michigan GT and The NOVA Open.  Wait SeerK did you say NOVA?!?!?  I did!

 Origins is coming up on us fast. I will be running Infinity and Firestorm Armada and things are shaping up nicely. The ITS 2016 kit has come in for the Columbus Brawl and I am sitting down this week to hammer out our mission packet for the Columbus Incident Firestorm Armada Narrative Tournament.

Planning has also begun for the 2016 Michigan GT. Firestorm Armada will be returning. This year we will be doing something a little different. We experimented with a unique multi table team format this past year and we are going to be refining it to make it even more fun than it was this past fall. Basically everybody plays against one opponent at each table. You can however request reinforcements from your teammates playing on other tables to bolster your fleet. Squadrons can leave the table via a jump gate to go to other tables. The Admiral cannot leave the table though, until his opponent has been wiped out. We played this out on the fly at the 2015 Michigan GT and great fun was had by all. The Michigan GT website is live and you can look forward to it at the end of September.

Gencon is of course coming up as well. I will not be running any events there per usual. I will be working the Spartan Games booth for most of the convention, as long as Spartan Beth calls me to do it,and I will be working with the Warcors at least a day in running the great learn to play events they do for Infinity. The only real catch is with the new job, I hope I can get all this time off in August.

Speaking of time off in August, I will be attending the NOVA Open for the first time this year. Why you ask? Well for starters Firestorm Armada is coming to NOVA. For those of you that listen to the Man The Battle Stations Podcast, you have heard this already. William Tripp aka “Bull99” and Mike Lietzke aka “Ryjak” from the Spartan Community forums are tackling a whole mountain of events at NOVA this year. Rumor has it Mr. Dan Bird will be in attendance too representing Spartan There is a Beginners Tournament, a Narrative Event, A doubles Tournament and the main event An FSA GT. This last event will be of special interest for people. This Particular GT will be the first GT endorsed by the WayGate as a qualifier for the North American Firestorm Armada Championships held at Adepticon.

We are working on setting up a qualifier system for the big show at Adepticon. NOVA will be the first event. The Top two players from the GT will get free entry into the North American Championships. We are hammering out the perks and details, but suffice it to say they will be nice.

Go check out the NOVA Open Webpage and the Firestorm events. That's all for now. I am recovering from two weeks of very long days at work and living in a hotel. I am looking forward to be back in good old Lansing so I can try and get some hobbying done and play some games. I have a Relthoza “Cruisedozer” list I need to test out. I have high hopes the list will actually wound the North American Champ. Mind you not beat him, just maul him a bit.

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always

Remember Dramos!

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