Friday, April 15, 2016

Onward to Origins! FSA and Infinity!

Greetings all!  SeerK here.  Now that Adepticon 2016 is in the books, I am moving on to my next project.  I speak of course about Origins Game fair in Columbus Ohio.  Origins takes place June 15th through the 19th.  Badges are on sale now.  I generally like more lead time on events, but GAMA does not move as fast as our friends at Adepticon and The Michigan GT.  This is due in part to the size of the convention.

If you have never been to Origins, it is a a good warm up to Gencon.  The convention occupies the same amount of space as Gencon, in years past at least 2016 is a big event space expansion year for Gencon.  However attendance is not as crazy as Gencon.  It still has over 14,000 people in attendance though.  All game genres are represented so it is a nice convention to bring the whole family or a diverse group of gamers.

I am once again teaming up with 40KOrigins to bring you the gaming public a whole slew of miniature and war gaming events.  For my Part I am doing some Learn to Play Firestorm Armada classes and some Infinity Boot Camp sessions.  I am also going to be running the first Firestorm Armada Tournament at Origins.  I call it the Columbus Incident.  I am also going to be running Origins first Infinity I.T,S tournament.  I call it the Columbus Brawl.

The Columbus Incident is going to be a narrative style tournament event.  That means Themed forces are going to be preferable to smash the face tournament lists.  Players will be pitted against each other along Kurak and Zenian lines.  They will play out three rounds of 2 hours.  Each player is allowed an 800 point patrol fleet.  I am still developing the rules for the event, but I hope to have it up and on paper in the next couple weeks.  We experimented with a similar format at the Michigan GT this past fall.  In fact we plan to run a similar event at the 2016 Michigan GT, which is September 30th to October 2nd.  So stay tuned for more details all around.  If you have been curious about learning Firestorm Armada, we have a series of Learn to play classes taught by myself and the North American FSA champ Larry Ramirez.

The schedule for those is as follows

6/15  5:00 pm

6/16  9:00 am

6/17  9:00 am
         5:00 pm

6/19  9:00 am

These classes are about 2 hours and let you really sit down and learn the game.  We ran a similar class at Adepticon this year.  The Infinity ITS, the Columbus brawl will be on Friday 6/17 of the convention.  It will start at noon and be 3 rounds, unless we have enough players for 4 rounds.  Models do not have to be painted, but it is encouraged.  We will have an ITS kit and I am in the process of getting some more prize support for the event.  The "Boot Camp" sessions are as follows

6/16 12:00 pm

6/18 12:00 pm

So we will have some noon Boot camps for those of you curious about Infinity.  Larry and I are looking forward to teaching and running these events at Origins.  we are also looking forward to meeting some new people and hopefully seeing some familiar faces.  I have put up Facebook events and the links are at the top of the blog page on the right hand side.  all the details thus far are on those pages.

I will of course be updating everybody as more news comes my way.  I will also start posting about Gencon as son as I know more about what is going on.  We have also started planning for the Michigan GT at the end of September.  At the beginning of September comes the NOVA open in Virginia.  Some of the WayGate team will be in attendance if everything lines up well.  We will be there to play and support William and Mike (Bull99 and Ryjak) as they run a whole slew of events for Firestorm Armada.  This culminates with an FSA GT which will be the first qualifier for The 2017 Schaumburg Prime Offensive North American Firestorm Armada Championships.

Yeah...I said Qualifier.....More on that later

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always...........


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