Monday, April 4, 2016

Adepticon 2016: The Aftermath!

Man what a weekend!  Adepticon has come and sadly gone.  It was awesome seeing everybody and meeting new people.  I wanted to post the results of the Schaumburg Prime Offensive and the Schaumburg Beach Head.  We had two sold out tournaments and some pretty fierce competition.  We also have a new North American Champion!  

I want to thank all the players who participated in both tournaments this year.  We do this for you guys and its great seeing two full events full of happy players.  I also want to thank our generous sponsors.  Spartan games, Evolution Games, Broken Egg Games and of course Adepticon for playing host.  The Adepticon staff are the unsung heros who put this whole shindig together.  Without their hard work and long hours we would not have such a great convention to play our games at.  This year was the first year for Planetfall and the 2nd year for Firestorm Armada.  Last Years Champion was on hand to defend his title, but fell to the might of the Aqans.  We have a new Champ!

Lets get to the winners!

Chris Mazons Awesome Terrans
The Schaumburg Beachhead Planetfall GT

1st  Mike Williams aka Knightperson
2nd Matt Johnson aka DM_Matt
3rd Dave Wangen aka SMD_vogrin

Best Painted Chris Mazon

Most Sporting Phil Johnson

We had 16 players for Planetfall and a good mix of armies.  The Relthoza of Mike Williams was able to pull off the win against the Sorylians of Matt Johnson, who was neck and neck with the winner.  Despite the consolidated ORBAT dropping the week before the tournament everything went smoothly.

Chris Mazon brought his wonderfully painted Terran army to the tournament.  There were a host of details that had been picked out and Squadrons were clearly marked out.  The little details are what put him on top.  He had a great display board as well.  Chris also was one of the guys responsible for the awesome space station display you may have seen around facebook and the community forum.

 DreadBeard, SeerK and SpellDuckWrong

The Schaumburg Prime Offensive North American FSA Championships

1st Larry Rameriz aka Telarion
2nd Dan Gleason
3rd Stuart Gaston aka Stoobert

Players Choice John Cocumelli

Most Sporting Matt Pena

Best Painted Andy Rucker.

The top 5 tables were all within 2-4 points of each other going into the last round.  It was anybodys game.  Last years winner Dave Wangen was at table one with Larry and fought a hard battle, but fell  to the Aquan onslaught.  Larry was on a mission after a narrow loss in round one.  Stoobert had bettered him by a couple game points.  Stoobert had some close games in the following rounds and this allowed Larry to rack up the game points.  Dan was very consistent in his points all 4 rounds and when Dave did not manage to score any game points in round 4, it put him into the 2nd place spot.

Andy Rucker brought his very well painted Terran fleet.  The details were what put him over the top with a total paint score of 12.  Highlights, Fleet markings and a very nice pamphlet which contained his army lists along with a fleet history. Our Paint Judge Tim Toolen was looking for the details.  he was also looking for uniformity and theme within the force.  i will be doing a post this week as I report about Adepticon specifically on the painting aspect of the tournament.  I will post pictures of the fleets and armies as well.  I am waiting for the pics to be uploaded from the various devices we used to take them.  I will also be posting a short video on the you Tube channel this week with some short interviews with some of the players and our organizers.  You can check out the Beasts of War Interview we did as well over at their Live Adepticon Coverage page!

This years events went very smoothly and we are very happy with how they turned out.  We have gotten some great feedback for next year and we will be working hard to bring you a bigger and better Adepticon 2017!

For those of you keeping track, The Kurak Alliance was able to repel last years Zenian League Onslaught.  The Aquans sent three full Battle Shoals to lay waste to the Zenian League fleets surrounding Schaumburg Prime.  Shaol Commander Telarion was relentless in his persecution of the battle against VP Vogrin of the OSO.  The Kurak were not totally victorious.  The Relthoza were able to take the planet and establish a firm hold on it.  The battle for Schaumburg Prime continues next year!

Until then crush the Alliance and as always........



  1. Quick question, looking to update the warlog with the results of adepticon as its a nice official style tournament, do you know which Vanguard I might contact for the results list?

  2. Also second question, I take it that Aquans won the event, but wasnt sure how Mike Williams Relthozans pulled off a win if he is first - tiny bit confused lol.

  3. I am the Vanguard in Charge actually.

    Also there was two tournaments, The Schaumburg Beach Head was a planetfall tournament which Mike won and the Offensive was the FSA tournament. The top three spots in the Schaumburg Prime Offensive were Aquans