Thursday, April 7, 2016

Adepticon! Schaumburg Prime Offensive Scores!

Resident Player Ryan passing out Sunday post Tournaments
Well Commanders you fought a hard battle, but those Aquatic dogs won out. It was a long Adepticon and everybody deserves a rest. Next year there is a new threat to your people in the never ending war for Schaumburg Prime!

Dreadbeard  here today with The Schaumburg Prime Offensive results and the break down of the actual scores of each player, as well as The Winners Gallery of Pictures from the Tournament.  Lets get to it!

In third place we had Suart "Stoobert" Gaston. Stoobert brings home the bronze from Adepticon with 4 matches that can only be described as Grinding. I believe that he faced a triple tier one list at least three out of four matches. Damn. Stoobert played an Aquan list that was defiantly brutal!

Stoobert (left) is holding his prize with our very own Josh "SeerK" Linde (Right)

Stoobert Scored a whopping 22 game points beating out the next player by only one point. 

Next up we had Dan Gleason in second place also playing a mean Aquan list scoring a total of 24 game points during the tournament.  

Dan (left) Josh (right)

Finally in first place and the North American Grand Champion, Larry "Telerion" Ramirez. Larry played just about the fiercest Aquan triple tier one list w/crystal cruisers you've ever seen. Only Stoobert gave any resistance to his fishy might. Scoring a total of 25 game points Larry takes home the gold metal and bragging rights for the next year.

Larry (left) Josh (right) 

In addition we had the best painted award going to Andy Rucker with a beautiful Terran fleet 

Andy(left) George "Spellduckwrong" Gasser (Right)

and here is his beautiful Fleet w/ historical leaflet 

 history in leaflet 

Our sportsmanship award goes to Matt Pena. Without a doubt the best attitude at the tournament. No matter how bad he got his face pummeled he stood above with a cheerful attitude and even took time with his final opponent to basically do a demo for a bystander curious about the game.

Matt (left) George (right)

Finally our Players Choice award went to John Cocumelli who by most votes was the most enjoyable player to have on the other side of the board. 

George (left) John (right)

Finally I've included the tournament results study up and comment below.

Score rankings do not include the players who dropped from the tournament
Stay tuned for part 2 where we go through the winning lists and break down how the fleets where chosen. also keep an eye out for the Adepticon Fleet Fly By where i post pictures of all the contestants fleets and the scoring for painting!

Dreadbeard out!

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  1. Had a great time! Thanks for putting on a great event. I've put up a report for it on the MBS Blog: